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Sadna is the Founder and Managing Partner of B Inclusive, an organization providing consulting services to help market-based, BoP initiatives and inclusive businesses grow and thrive. She has consulted on strategy, barriers to scale, effective messaging and knowledge products for various social enterprises and development sector organizations. Her clients include The World Bank Group, Vision Spring, The Network Enterprises Fund and Ashoka’s Full Economic Citizenship Initiative. Her work has ranged from developing micro-franchising strategies for scaling up healthcare initiatives, to evaluating business plans addressing low-income markets for investor bodies, to extensive research and writing on the topic of affordable housing in emerging markets.

Prior to starting B Inclusive, Sadna was the founder and Managing Partner of InSiteLogic, a technology and software development company providing solutions to a range of social enterprises, for-profit and non-profit organizations. Originally from Sri Lanka, Sadna grew up between the Marshall Islands, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii. She earned a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship and International Development from New York University, where her graduate thesis examined Base of Pyramid businesses and their barriers to growth and scale. She is a recipient of the Reynolds Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Incalculable Impact, Please?

By Sadna Samaranayake

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