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Friday, March 30, 2012

Online Game Seeks New Ideas For Poverty Alleviation

By Dan Shine


There have been countless ideas on how to solve global poverty. For 48 hours, starting on April 3, the Rockefeller Foundation along with the Institute for the Future, will try a different approach – online gaming.

The interactive online game, called “Catalysts for Change,” is looking for new, innovative ideas from players all around the globe to chart new paths out of poverty.

The game starts with a card that captures an idea. Using Twitter-like 140-character messages, players will build on one another’s ideas. The thought is that by building on the cards, players will start “chain reactions of innovations and solutions that are more than the sum of their parts.”

To be a part of this collaborative and novel effort, register to participate at You can also follow along on Twitter  and Facebook.

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