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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Help Us Pick the Most Influential Post of 2012

: Vote early and often

By Scott Anderson


OK, if you’re like me you’re probably getting tired of the “Best of 2012” lists. But I hope you can handle just one more, especially because this is one list that you can influence.

A few weeks ago, I asked NextBillion’s regular contributors to nominate what they thought were the most influential posts of the year on NB. Some of these posts were among our most viewed and most commented/shared of the year, but not all them. Still, they all left a lasting impression in the way they questioned conventional wisdom, brought new business innovations to light, or for the distinct perspectives they offered.

Below you will find 15 nominees and a widget for voting, arranged in alphabetical order. Even if you see a post you know and found influential, I’d encourage you to check out all of them. Who knows, maybe your opinion will change. The voting system (found just below the links) only allows you to cast one vote per day, but you are free to vote multiple times - in fact, we encourage it. Voting will be open for two weeks, at which point we’ll name the top three winners for the year.


Here are the nominees:


1. A Light Bulb Goes On: A Major Innovation in Asset Finance: M-KOPA's model could illuminate other sectors By Jake Kendall


2. After Invention, it Only Gets Harder: Technology distribution isn't as sexy as innovation, but it's critical By Diana Jue and Jackie Stenson


3. Coke is Everywhere: Why Aren't Medicines? By Prashant Yadav


4. Cultivating Small Business and the Environment: Building on the work of New Ventures By Jenny Everett


5. Gender Roles in Green and Inclusive Business – Replicating Old Patterns or Breaking New Ground? By Martin Herrndorf


6. Lessons from SOCAP : It's Time to Get Serious By Max Pichulik

7. Making the Most of Missteps: At Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, SKS's Akula opens up on failure By Alex Gregor


8. Monitor and Acumen Research Highlights Why Impact Investing Needs Philanthropy By Rob Katz

9. NexThought Monday: Combining Commercial Opportunity With Environmental Sustainability By Bruce McNamer


10. NexThought Monday: In Failure, a Marketing Lesson for Social Entrepreneurs: What we can learn from the closing of The Hoop Fund By Shawn Basak


11. NexThought Monday: The Future of Crowdfunding Depends on Avoiding Past Missteps By Tracy Elsen


12. Overcoming the Challenges in Mobile: Living Goods hopes to follow in the footsteps of Amway, Avon, and Tupperware By Josh Cleveland


13. Peering Through a Gender Lens at SOCAP12 By Logan Yonavjak


14. The $450 Billion Opportunity: Catalyzing Smallholder Agricultural Finance By Dan Zook


15. The Big Idea: (UPDATED) Simple Truths About Mobile Money By Ignacio Mas







The Most-Read Posts of December


And while we’re doing a bit of ranking, I’d like to recognize the most-read posts of December with our monthly awards, which are lovingly referred to as the NextBee’s.

Last month, NextBillion unveiled our shiny new blog, NextBillion Health Care, a much more specialized topical blog with laser focus on bringing medical access and better health outcomes for under-served people. Given the strong launch and excellent contributions right out of the gate, it’s not surprising that three of the most-read posts this month were from our new blog.

Congratulations to the winners:


Can You Really Make a Fortune in BoP Health Care?: An Interview with Paul Polak By James Militzer

Coke is Everywhere: Why Aren't Medicines? By Prashant Yadav

The Data Collection Revolution: How Remote Monitoring Is Transforming Health Care Business By Mark Maples

Calvert Foundation's 'Accessible, Reliable' Road for Impact Investing: CEO Lisa Hall discusses options for engaging investors By Scott Anderson

NexThought Monday - A Close Look at Safaricom’s M-Shwari : Mobile, yes, but how ‘cool’ is it for customers? By Ignacio Mas and Tonny Omwansa

Most shared posts for December:

Coke is Everywhere: Why Aren't Medicines? By Prashant Yadav

NexThought Monday - A Close Look at Safaricom’s M-Shwari : Mobile, yes, but how ‘cool’ is it for customers? By Ignacio Mas and Tonny Omwansa

The Data Collection Revolution: How Remote Monitoring Is Transforming Health Care Business By Mark Maples

In Case You Missed It … This Week on NextBillion

NexThought Monday (With Video) MNCs vs. Social Entrepreneurs: Leveraging their respective strengths to reach the BoP By Rutger Bults

Impact Investors Ready to Open the Spigot : J.P. Morgan, GIIN study projects $9 Billion Committed for Impact Investing 2013 By Scott AndersonWDI

Micro Co-Ops for Macro Markets: Land O'Lakes finds success with dairy farmers in Malawi By Kimberlee AblesMercy Corps

From Darth Vader to Social Innovator: SalaUno's formula for success By James MilitzerWDI

Q&A: Developing Entrepreneurship in Tibetan Settlements in India By Andrew EderTechnoServe


Citi Foundation: Investing in products, access and people for financial inclusion By Pamela P. FlahertyCiti Foundation

Doctors Without Training: Can regulatory innovations close the quality gap in BoP health care? By Ugochinyere Ottih

Measure, Crunch and Benchmark: Helping organizations advance business and social performance goals  By Jacobo Menajovsky

Eight is Enough: Preventing pregnancy after childbirth

By Holly Blanchard and Elizabeth Sasser

Impact Career Paths: Making your own luck

By Katharine Bierce


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