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  • Austin, TX - 1 Day
    June 7

    Sustainability Summit

    Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and atmospheric greenhouse gases have reached an all-time high. Climate change is creating risks and challenges for nearly every industry, and following the public sector’s inadequate efforts to address them, the private sector must now take the lead in protecting the planet from further destruction.

    Firms need access to particular resources, so how can they come to set the standards for environmental protection? Building on these efforts, how can government leaders deliver on their promises of more sustainable practices through the creation of tighter regulations, new incentives and reforms? How can investors become equipped with the information they need to wisely allocate capital and manage risks, while still achieving a desirable return on investment? Finally, how can disruptive technologies push consumers and businesses to perceive sustainable development practices as a social responsibility and environmental imperative, but also a strategic business opportunity?

    Gathering leading critical thinkers, policymakers and business leaders, the Sustainability Summit will offer strategies, ideas and solutions that help decision makers capitalise on technology to prepare for the future.

    Learn more about the Sustainability Summit and other Economist Events conferences here:

    Questions? Email the Economist Events team at

  • Oxford, UK - 2 Days
    June 8

    Advancing Good Governance in International Development

    The theme of the 2017 Advancing Good Governance seminar, which will take place at Rhodes House, Oxford on 8 and 9 June 2017, is ‘Risk, Governance and the Challenge of Migration.’ Recent crises linked to refugee flows and migration have exposed the failure of current models of global governance to address a highly complex spectrum of risks, including xenophobia, political unrest, corruption and poverty. The 2017 seminar will take a focused look at the specific political, developmental, economic, security and humanitarian risks arising from the refugee and migration crises, and consider new models of governance which might be able to sustainably address those risks and resolve the root causes creating such risks. More information to come.

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  • Geneva, CH - 2 Days
    June 8

    Innovate 4 Water: A matchmaking forum for sustainable development

    Waterpreneurs is co-organizing this event with WaterVent and the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization’s “WIPO GREEN : The Marketplace for Sustainable Technology”.

    WIPO GREEN will host the event that will bring together various water & sanitation stakeholders over the course of two days (entrepreneurs, investors, large and small companies, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, incubators) who are contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 6.

    The objectives of the event are to:

    • Create visibility for entrepreneurs in the water sector in order to enable them to reach impact investors;
    • Promote the transfer of innovative water technologies and innovative business models in emerging markets and developing countries;
    • Facilitate connections to catalyse collaborations

    The event is particularly relevant for:

    • Small and Medium Enterprises with interests in the water & sanitation sectors
    • Multinational companies with interests in the water & sanitation sectors
    • Investors (banking, asset management, private banking, corporate companies)
    • Water & sanitation institutions (foundations, coalitions, NGOs)
    • International organisations, national governments
    • Universities / incubators / research institutions
    • UN Agencies with interest in WASH and IWRM

    Are you a world expert in:

    Water, sanitation and related development issues?

    Sustainable Development Goals?

    Access to basic services for low income populations?

    Business and human rights?

    Market based solutions?

    Social entrepreneurship?

    Impact investing?

    Blended finance?

    Circular economy?

    Decentralized business models?


    On June 8, 2017, entrepreneurs with innovative water and sanitation technologies and business models looking for investments will be pitching to prospective investors, including clean-tech venture capitalists, private equity and corporate investors.

    Themes of the day:

    1. ​The American way of dealing with water issues
    2. The Israeli way of dealing with water issues
    3. Universities & foundations from Europe and Israel
    4. Clean & Water Tech Clusters
    5. Institutions supporting new water technologies
    6. Water tech Investors (Financial Investors)


    On June 9, 2017, the Open Forum will provide the opportunity for meaningful interactions about Technologies, Business and Human Rights amongst water experts, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, NGOs and UN agencies.

    Themes of the day :

    1. Water and sanitation in the circular economy
    2. Water Energy Food Health nexus
    3. Smart water & sanitation technologies (data leveraging, data monitoring)
    4. Sustainable ecosystems for water & sanitation entrepreneurs: from ideation to maturity
    5. Hybrid business models applied to development & emergencies
    6. Blended/Innovative Finance.


    Register via the form provided at

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  • Portsmouth, England - 3 Days
    June 12

    5th European Microfinance Research Conference

    Financial inclusion has become a reality for many poor and low income populations in developing countries as suggested by the most recent data from the Global Findex survey. Microfinance has played a key role in this regard, with the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2015 estimating that 3,098 microfinance institutions (MFIs) lent to more than 211 million borrowers across the world by the end of 2013. While microfinance is now approaching forty years of age, there is still much to do if poor and low income households are to be effectively integrated both from a financial and social perspectives.

    The 5th European Microfinance Research Conference will draw together ideas from Europe and beyond which tackle the inclusion problem. How do MFIs ensure they reach the financially excluded? How can microfinance products be tailored to meet the specific needs of different groups amongst the financially excluded? How can new instruments as agent banking and mobile money be put at the service of the poor? How can the microfinance sector keep its identity as a relevant development tool while facing ‘old’ problems (poverty, gender discrimination, client over-indebtedness, etc.) as well as new challenges such as the impact of climate change and the refugee crises? Research has a crucial role in addressing these questions.

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  • Apply Online - 1 Day
    June 13

    DSIL Course — Apply Online

    The DSIL Course is a globally certified professional development program designed for individuals from all sectors who are ready to expand their leadership skills through emerging innovation practices. The experiential curriculum consists of interactive 10-day field immersions in Southeast Asia and live Virtual Classroom sessions where you will find yourself building greater capacity to create, think critically, and move ideas into action in highly diverse groups. At the same time, you’ll be evolving too- reflecting on your leadership strengths and opportunities to grow. Join our ecosystem of courageous individuals, thriving start-ups, dedicated social enterprises and progressive for-profit companies solving complex problems in effective ways. The DSIL Course takes place over several dynamic months all leading to the Executive Certificate. After the course, you’ll be well positioned to share your learning! Bring all that you have absorbed back to your teams where you work and live to ignite positive impact in your companies and communities.

  • Belgrade, Serbia - 1 Day
    June 13

    International Cooperation and Development Forum in Serbia 2017

    We are honored to invite you to participate at the International Cooperation and Development Forum in Serbia 2017 that will be held on 13 June 2017, at Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Belgrade, Serbia. This event aims at creating a unique occasion and platform, to meet and discuss, for financial institutions, government representatives, consultancy firms, sectoral organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, etc. interested in the development sphere.

    The main topics addressed at the conference will include:

    • Build up Progressive Dialogue between Speakers and Participants
    • Identify the most Efficient Approaches in Cooperating with International Financial Institutions
    • Focus on Procurement Procedures
    • Promote Innovative Business Development
    • Share Available Online Resources
    • Showcase relevant Funding Opportunities
    • Create a network of the biggest change makers and stakeholders in International Development

    For more information or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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  • Austin, Texas - 3 Days
    June 14

    EMERGE Financial Health Forum

    Over 3 days, more than 800 innovators will converge to share cutting-edge strategies and thought leadership on how to shape consumer behavior and build profitable products. Leave inspired and equipped to share the vision of a financially well America, and how your organization can lead the financial health movement.

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  • Online - 1 Day
    June 14

    Submissions Deadline for SOCAP Open

    SOCAP Open is a public forum where diverse voices come together for dynamic conversation to advance social capital markets. It is our invitation to you to share your best programming ideas with our conference team and the SOCAP community, and to add your perspective to the mix. After the submission period, all ideas are voted on by the general public and reviewed by an advisory panel of experts.

    Selected session leaders then develop their content and present it during the SOCAP conference in San Francisco. SOCAP17 will include interactive sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and storytelling opportunities. We invite you to add your unique voice to the conversation by submitting your session idea.

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