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  • Zermatt, Switzerland - 3 Days
    September 8

    Humanizing Innovation: Zermatt Summit​ 2017

    Innovation is a central component of our civilization, to the extent that some do not hesitate to write that innovation will save the world.  But what is innovation? Technological prowess, and the vertiginous nature of the digital economy too often focus attention on this kind of innovation. But innovation is also economic, ecological, societal and managerial. It is the totality of these innovations that we need to take in account if we want to have a chance to construct a better future for humanity. It is for this reason that the 2017 Zermatt Summit will gather around the theme ‘Humanizing Innovation’ catalysts of solutions who will show us the extraordinary potential for innovation present in fields that often pass unnoticed, from waste recycling to the implementation of procedures where the most advanced technologies meet traditional forms of knowledge.

    Concrete examples will be given by people who sometimes have extraordinary life stories which can serve as examples and give hope. Technological and digital innovation will of course not be forgotten. Three broad debates will be organized on the future of the human person, the evolution of work and of private life, and even (or above all) of human rights in this new digital world which is shaping up to be so different from what has gone before. Thus it is that we invite you to the 6th Zermatt Summit for two and a half days of exceptional quality which will, like preceding Summits, take place in the heart of the Swiss mountains.

  • Arlington, VA - 3 Days
    October 2

    SEEP Network Annual Conference: Catalyzing Transformative Change

    The 2017 SEEP Network Annual Conference will bring together leading practitioners, funders, research organizations and private sector actors dedicated to promoting more inclusive and resilient markets and financial systems. Under the conference theme – Catalyzing Transformative Change – we will deepen our understanding and commitment to approaches that bring about large scale positive change.

    We will explore insights garnered from behavioral science that enhance impact, strategies that positively address discriminatory social and cultural norms, incentives that help catalyze change in relationships of market actors and engage private sector firms, and transformative new technologies.  We will share proven practice and innovative strategies that modify both the structure and dynamics of market systems in ways that contribute to greater empowerment of vulnerable populations. Likewise, we will also examine the important change processes within programs and organizations that lead to more adaptive management and effective learning.

    The learning agenda is organized around four technical tracks:

    1. Resilience through Market Systems
    2. Markets, Food Systems and Nutrition
    3. Financial Inclusion and Customer Empowerment
    4. Adaptive Management and Organizational Change

    Click here for pricing information and here to register for the Conference.

    For more information, write to or click here for the Conference website.

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  • San Francisco, CA - 4 Days
    October 10

    SOCAP ’17

    SOCAP is the world’s leading conference on social capital markets—a gathering where powerful ideas are sparked and game changing partnerships get started. The conference brings together social entrepreneurs, impact investors, funders, business leaders and other innovators and problem solvers from across the world. Now in its 10th year, SOCAP is a catalyst for much needed change, creating a vibrant market for ventures that support people, planet, and profits. Join us October 10-13, 2017 on the waterfront in San Francisco!

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  • Dallas, TX - 4 Days
    August 28

    YX Planning Conference

    The YX Planning Conference delivers the best content for financial advisors who want to start, run, and grow their own, independent financial planning firms. You get access to the best content in the industry on how to serve Gen X and Gen Y clients — while still running a profitable firm. And we’re bringing back industry experts and leaders to give you the inspiration and education you need to find success on your chosen path in financial planning.

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  • Arusha, Tanzania - 4 Days
    August 27

    TEDGlobal 2017 – Tanzania

    Ten years on, TEDGlobal returns to Africa. Since our 2007 conference in Arusha, Tanzania, the continent has experienced spectacular economic, demographic and creative growth, and has made exciting progress toward its rightful place in the world. Yet many African nations are beset by challenges. And the stakes have never been higher. As populations continue to surge, both opportunity and danger are rising.

    At TEDGlobal 2017, we’ll bring together an incredible group of speakers who can collectively help shape how this plays out. Dreamers and doers. Technologists and entrepreneurs. Business leaders and creatives. The event ten years ago felt like history in the making. The ideas and connections forged then have had untold impact. We want to reignite those sparks and invite anyone passionate about the future of Africa, and the future of the world to come and be part of something special. TEDGlobal2017: “Builders. Truth-Tellers. Catalysts.”

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  • Denver, CO - 4 Days
    August 15

    2017 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

    Industrial energy efficiency has always been about people. The latest technologies often get the most attention, but it’s the people who manage the plant, find the opportunities, develop the solutions, and make the decisions – large and small – that determine the efficiency of today’s facilities. It’s more challenging than ever to go it alone and that is why in 2017, we’re focused on developing the community of people involved in industrial energy efficiency.

    As in years past, we’ll explore the latest thinking on managing plant energy use, national energy policy, and program administration. This year, we’ll also include events that will help you take what you learn and turn it into action. We’ll offer more networking sessions to introduce you to people who can help you accomplish mutual goals.

    Find out which organizations participated in the 2015 Summer Study Industry here.

    Likely Participants Include: Energy efficiency program administrators, evaluators, and contractors; public utility commission and consumer counselor staff members, corporate energy managers and government relations professionals; professionals in the utility sector with responsibilities for efficiency programs, resource planning, regulatory compliance and government relations; energy efficiency solution providers; state energy office officials; energy management firms; and energy efficiency advocacy organizations.

    Sponsors of the conference get waived registrations. For more information on the benefits of sponsorship, click here or email

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  • New York, NY - 2 Days
    July 18

    16th Annual Sustainability Summit

    The 2017 Sustainability Summit will provide a unique opportunity for sustainability practitioners at leading companies to enjoy a safe space to address the most urgent and persistent strategic, operational, and implementation challenges they face in addressing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of their companies. The Summit will enable peer-to-peer exchange and engagement with leading practitioners and subject matter experts to work in a collaborative way through the major challenges that corporate sustainability professionals face today. We will focus on key challenges through interactive sessions that enable participants to learn from and support one another.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Creating the business case for the “hard parts” of ESG/Sustainability
    • Creating and measuring sustainable business value
    • Demonstrating the value of sustainability to investors
    • Engaging with key partners in the business to drive ESG thinking into product and service innovation, design, and marketing
    • Understanding how emerging trends in sustainability reporting, disclosure, and ratings will affect your approach to disclosure
    • Defining the value of reporting and public disclosure
    • Responding to survey fatigue: how to prioritize and manage rating and ranking requests
    • Improving data management and collection for sustainability reporting and disclosure

    For Sponsorship Opportunities, contact
    For Speaking Opportunities, contact

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  • Boston, MA - 1 Day
    July 18

    Investing for Impact Conference

    Call it green, responsible, sustainable, SRI, or ESG, there are many ways to invest for profit and positive impact. Attending a regional Investing for Impact event can help you understand the valuable resources available, develop the confidence to talk about investment impact and performance, create deeper relationships with investors based on trust and common values, and assist investors to make more informed, more impactful choices.
    A regional investing for impact event is a place and a time to connect with like-minded investors, financial planners, and investment advisors who can help you conquer the challenges and recognize the benefits of sustainable, responsible, impact investing. Plan to join us!
    Your $95 registration fee is a down payment on your SRI Conference registration fee in November! Attend and receive a discount to the 28th Annual Conference.
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