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US Business Development Lead - Aquaphytex

Aquaphytex is a global leader in biotechnological production. We offer a natural alternative to conventional wastewater treatments and do so without the use of any chemicals or mechanical energy.

Typical water treatment technologies are based in physicochemical systems that come with very high costs, require complex maintenance, and negative environmental impacts.

Aquaphytex uses only plants - no chemicals, no additional energy - and is saving tens of thousands of lives using a profitable business model. Today, they’ve installed 100 wastewater treatment systems in five countries, have generated over $4,000,000 in revenue in the past three years, and are ensuring 300,000 people have access to clean drinking water every day.

Aquaphytex has as a strong commitment to community development and social impact. For example, in Tacharene, Mali their system provides clean drinking water to more than 8,000 people, has reduced infant mortality by 75%, and has completely eliminated cholera in the region.

Aquaphytex is a 2012 Unreasonable venture, and will be participating in the 2013 global Unreasonable at Sea program.

Overview: North American Business Manager

Aquaphytex is seeking a North American Business Manager for their expansion into the United States. As the first primary team member responsible for identifying, evaluating, and closing business opportunities in the US market, you will be tasked with:

1. Understanding regional markets across the United States, evaluating these regionals for ease of entry and competitive landscape, and communicating these opportunities to the CEO of Aquaphytex.

2. Building relationships with key partners, customers, suppliers, and related organizations in target regions, including an assessment of regulatory policies related to sales of constructed wetlands systems.

Your responsibilities will include…

Market Research

· Understanding what municipal entities are currently paying for constructed wetlands as a solution to wastewater treatment needs.

· Where in the US has the highest concentration of such entities.

· What financial realities dictate customers’ ability-to-pay.

· What the current pricing landscape is for these system installations in various US markets.

· Assessing what the switching costs would be for customers.

· Assessing what features/benefits customers are looking for from service providers like Aquaphytex.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

· Identify which companies, in which regions, are offering similar services of installing ecological wastewater treatment systems.

· Understanding what each of these competitor firms are offering, strengths and weaknesses (in term so features and benefits) when compared with Aquaphytex’s offering, and how these competitors are positioning themselves and their offerings (including how they describe their products and services).

Customer Discovery & Sales

· Building relationships with potential customers in multiple US regional markets, specifically Colorado and California.

· Conducting customer deep dives and research regarding a) what pain points they have that require the services of a constructed wetland installation firm, and b) what, if any, pain points they experience / remain when working with competitors.

· Engaging in sales conversations with potential customers.

Operations Support

· Interfacing with supply teams in Spain for customer fulfillment.

· Supporting CEO with operational and project management needs, as required.

They’re definitely looking for…

· Someone who is fluent in Spanish and English.

· Someone who is humble but confident in their ability to learn how to sell – this includes being able to listen well, knowing how to relate to different kinds of people, and being honest and persuasive in their spoken communication.

· Someone who is willing to learn about basic biology, chemistry, and plant science, if they aren’t already familiar with these fields.

· Someone who works very well in an autonomous environment, including going without management check-ins for weeks at a time.

· Someone entrepreneurial, who can handle ambiguity, take risks, learn new things quickly, and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

· Someone who is happy to deal with the challenges of working with a team that is distributed internationally and a manager (CEO) who will be traveling extensively and on short notice.

· Someone who is passionate about environmental conservation and restoration.

· Someone who has at least a Bachelors degree, preferably in environmental studies or environmental engineering.

And ideally this person…

· Has been successful in a sales role for 2-3 years.

· Has worked with constructed wetlands or environmental engineering projects before.

· Has worked abroad.

· Has familiarity with municipal water systems in the US, water-related regulation and policy in the US, wastewater treatment technologies, or related engineering experience.

Perks and benefits…

· You’ll have a lot of responsibility.

· You’ll get to travel around the US, and eventually internationally.

· There will be room for growth and promotion within the company.

· You’ll get a substantial commission on sales – the average sale is at least $1M, and you get 10%.

· You’ll have access to networks of mentors and advisors, including those from the Unreasonable network.

· While in Boulder, you’ll have access to an engaged and welcoming community of social entrepreneurs to work with.

How will they know you’re the right fit?

Fill out the brief application, including your resume and two references at:

What happens if you’re chosen?

You’ll be invited to join Aquaphytex in the Boulder, CO office, effective immediately. You will work from Boulder until June 2013, at which point you will join the CEO in establishing an office in San Francisco, CA. You’ll receive a salary of $50,000 and 10% commission on sales that you close.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Evan Walden at - we look forward to reading your application!

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