Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Microinsurance Fellowships

Microinsurance Innovation Facility, ILO

The ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility is offering three new microinsurance fellowship opportunities in Burkina Faso, Haiti and South Africa. The fellowships provide an opportunity for hands-on experience in microinsurance, while also building the capacity of the host organization. See below for details of each opportunity and apply online before the 30th November at:

Fellowship with UAB VIE, Burkina Faso

UAB VIE is the first Life insurance company in Burkina Faso. Since 2003, UAB VIE has offered a saving and life insurance product specially tailored to the informal sector. The product is distributed through 70 agents, ensuring daily collection among the target market. After having improved the back-office processes in 2011, with usage of mobile phones to support the daily saving collection, UAB Vie is entering its expansion phase and is looking for a fellow to: contribute to establishing a new distribution strategy enabling fast growth of the microinsurance portfolio, conduct market research to develop appropriate new microinsurance products and support the extension of the Cauri d'Or product to new zones.

Fellowship with Cenfri, South Africa

The Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri) is a research/capacity building center focusing on financial inclusion in general and microinsurance in particular based in Cape Town, South Africa. Cenfri is developing a microinsurance innovation lab, with the objective of using applied research to support insurers or insurance channels in identifying the required disruptive innovations which will enable microinsurance to reach scale on a sustainable basis. The Innovation Lab is looking for a fellow to provide support to selected organizations which agreed to test the innovation lab concept in setting and monitoring their research agenda and documenting the experience for further development of the innovation lab concept.

Fellowship with Fonkoze and ILO Crisis Programme, Haiti

Fonkoze and the ILO Crisis programme in Haiti are looking for a fellow to provide support to both organizations in a shared fellowship opportunity. For the ILO Crisis programme the fellow will work on the coordination of the microinsurance and microfinance activities while for Fonkoze the duties are around supporting the organization in the implementation, evaluation and improvement of its catastrophic insurance product. Fonkoze Financial Services (Fonkoze) is Haiti's largest microfinance institution and is committed to reaching the poorest through innovative approaches and helping them take the first steps out of poverty. The ILO Crisis programme, supports the new Haitian government and the international community in the program for the reconstruction of the country.

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