Thursday, November 8, 2012

Android / Javascript Engineers


  • We are helping Microfinance Institutions provide loans faster at a lower interest rate to the customer while improving the integrity of all the checks.
  • We are helping Primary Healthcare providers identify individuals with high risk factors for Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, etc even before they start showing any kind of symptoms
  • We are helping an organization promote transparency in governance and elect leaders from the grassroutes all over the country to transform our politics

We believe in doing good and doing well at the same time - sustainability is really important to us. To deliver a platform for extreme affordability, we need push technology to its limits.

We are building a product platform - android, couchdb, aws, play!, backbone, nodejs, websockets - that has been designed from the ground up for the field and all of its challenges:

  • Users with language barrier
  • Users with limited technology exposure
  • Limited connectivity

If you want to work at the intersection of art, technology and development then this is your chance!

Write to with a short note on "What excites you about the work we do at Artoo and what will you bring to the table?" (Max 500 words). Attach your resume or github profile or anything else that you would like to highlight. We will call you for a cup of Badam milk to our office to discuss things at length. See you soon!

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    William Davidson Institute
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    Citi Foundation
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