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Country Director, Haiti


Country Director, Haiti

Reports to: Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean

Location: Port au Prince, Haiti

Travel: Up to 30%

“Fortunately, a new type of NGO has emerged that understands the importance of productivity and value creation. Such organizations have often had a remarkable impact. One example is TechnoServe, which has partnered with both regional and global corporations to promote the development of competitive agricultural clusters in more than 30 countries” Michael Porter, “Creating Shared Value”

I. TechnoServe Background:

TechnoServe is an international, non-profit economic development organization founded in 1968 out of a conviction that a vibrant private sector is an essential foundation for economic growth and poverty reduction. TechnoServe undertakes targeted, catalytic technical assistance and other programming to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs, businesses and industries that in-turn provide sustainable employment, inclusion of the poor and increased incomes. TechnoServe operates in 25 developing countries with over 1000 employees. A substantial portion of our work is in agriculture, enhancing farm productivity and commodity quality and addressing gaps in processing and other agribusiness capacities. Our programs increase smallholder access to new technologies, aggregation and storage mechanisms, markets, critical information and finance. TechnoServe also undertakes structured programs to identify and support high potential entrepreneurs in various sectors through leadership mentoring networks, formalization support, access to capital and development of sustainable business services such as accounting, finance, marketing and human resource management.

II. Program Description:

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, relies heavily on foreign aid and remittances from expatriates. Two of every three residents work in agriculture, and most of those are small-scale subsistence farmers. TechnoServe has been working in Haiti since 2009, developing major collaborations with key public and private sector institutions with an operating budget of over $2 million for 2012 and a staff of 60 diverse and experienced development professionals. In the aftermath of the quake, TechnoServe joined The Coca-Cola Company and other partners to help Haitian farmers create a sustainable mango industry. Over 100,000 small-scale Haitian farmers grow mangoes, but few realize the full economic value of their farms, making the mango industry a potential building block in Haiti’s long-term recovery efforts.

The Haiti Hope Project is a multi-year collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Coca-Cola Company, the InterAmerican Development Bank and several private funders to raise the incomes of 25,000 smallholder mango farmers in Haiti, create employment and enhance fresh and processed mango exports. TechnoServe Haiti also works to accelerate the development and growth of formal businesses in Haiti in partnership with the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and Haiti’s Industrial Development Fund. Across these collaborations, the program seeks to source and empower hundreds of high potential entrepreneurs, catalyze access to business finance, and strengthen entrepreneurship support networks in Haiti.

III. Position Description:

The primary purpose of the Country Director role is to lead all aspects of TechnoServe’s operations in Haiti to achieve sustainable economic development, including: strategically select areas of work, partnerships and methodologies that most effectively contribute to TechnoServe’s mission and vision; ensure excellence of implementation through quality management and evidence-based decision-making; develop, inspire and enable a team of Haitian and international professionals to deliver high quality results; and manage human resources, finance and back office functions to optimize cost-effectiveness.

The duties and responsibilities of this position have been broadly grouped into four main functions; these include operational, financial, personnel and legal.


  • Developing, presenting and implementing the annual goals and objectives of the program to be approved by the Regional Director and the President.
  • Responsible for developing the strategic vision and direction and its execution. The CD is to ensure that all program decisions are in sync with TechnoServe’s strategic plan.
  • Responsible for overseeing effective and efficient management of the client business portfolio; portfolio implementation, monitoring and evaluation, quality control, cost-effectiveness and day-to-day oversight.
  • Responsible for new business development (securing sufficient funding for the country program); developing funding proposals; cultivating and maintaining TechnoServe in-country partner and donor relationships with USAID and other US government agencies; local government, bilateral and multilateral development/donor organizations; foundations and relevant local NGOs; private sector associations and corporations.
  • Responsible for developing, maintaining and utilizing the network of local TechnoServe friends and members in Haiti.


  • Responsible for implementing and evaluating an on-going professional development (training) program for staff.
  • Responsible for ensuring mid-year and year-end performance evaluations are conducted with all staff.
  • Responsible for recommending and implementing all salary increases for his/her staff on an annual basis based upon performance evaluations.
  • Has authority to hire and fire personnel staff following the corporate “one over one” policy (refer to the Management Guidelines).
  • Has authority to hire independent consultants following the proper process that requires approval from the Directors of Finance and Human Resources in the U.S. offices.


  • Responsible for understanding, implementing, and managing the program’s budget. The CD is to be knowledgeable of all funding sources and is to ensure the review and timely submission of all reporting requirements (internal and external).
  • Responsible for overall management of relations with financial institutions. With the prior approval from the Director of Finance, the CD has the authority to open and close bank accounts.
  • Responsible for review and must provide formal concurrence of all financial information, monthly reports, business plans, etc. on a timely basis in accordance with the corporate calendar (monthly office financial reports, internal management memos, salary increases, core indicators, etc.)
  • The Country Director (CD) is the legal representative of TechnoServe, Inc. in Haiti
  • The CD is responsible for ensuring that TechnoServe is properly registered in-country, that TechnoServe has tax-exempt status where possible and that TechnoServe is in compliance with all local laws (labor, taxes, registration, etc.)
  • Has authority of Power of Attorney to execute all necessary documents in order to conduct day-to-day business operations, with exception of relationships with financial institutions.
  • In accordance with the policies outlined in the TechnoServe Managerial Guidelines, the CD executes agreements with local government, bilateral and multilateral institutions, client groups, etc. All engagements are to be shared with the Regional Director even if the Regional Director is not required to sign the agreement.
  • The CD represents TechnoServe in all legal matters at the country program level. Any legal actions (potential or active) are to be reported immediately to the Regional Director
  • Responsible for ensuring the proper acquisition, management and eventual disposition of all TechnoServe operational assets within the country program (vehicles, computers, furniture, etc.)
  • Communicating internally and externally with local employees, home office and division, in particular keeping the Regional Director abreast of all key issues, potential opportunities and risks as well as key decisions affecting the on-going TechnoServe presence in Haiti

External Relations

  • Liaising with the media, public, local government and its agencies, as well as other NGO’s to ensure TNS’s image is preserved.
  • Communicating with bilateral and multilateral agencies and developing relationships that seek to promote TNS’s mission and objectives.

IV. Required Skills & Experience:

  • An Advanced degree in Business Administration/Management or a related field
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in business development/management, proposal writing, fund raising, business plan design/execution, program design/management and a good working knowledge in economic development;
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience working in a developing country, preferably in a Francophone country;
  • Strong leadership skills and demonstrated experience in managing complex, multi-disciplinary, and challenging field operations in developing countries;
  • Demonstrated skills in problem solving, consensus building, and coordination of diverse stakeholders and partners;
  • Experience with promoting entrepreneurship;
  • Strong interpersonal/people management skills and excellent oral and written communication skills a must;
  • Strong private sector experience and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Strong financial analysis and management skills;
  • Inspiring leader and networker;
  • Fluent reading, writing, speaking and computer literacy skills in English and French.

Application Instructions:

Qualified and interested applicants should submit a Word formatted resume and cover letter with salary history to; Please identify the position for which you are applying in the subject line.

Only applicants meeting minimum qualifications and authorized to work in the US (if applicable) for the position will be considered. No phone calls please.

TechnoServe is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women are encouraged to apply.

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