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General Manager / Hospital Administrator - Ghana


Vacancy: General Manager / Hospital Administrator
Location: Ghana, Accra & Tema
Branch: Health Management
Type: Full time
Contract: 2 year contract, possible extension

Company Profile

C & J Medicare Hospital (CJMH) is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company established in 1993. The Hospital started as a small private medical facility that provided a limited number of services with a focus on out-patient services. Despite the lack of space, provisions were made to introduce three (3) beds which offered only day admissions without an option for full in-patient / overnight admissions.

With a vision to provide excellent and professional healthcare services, CJMH started several strategic initiatives in 2000, to position itself at the cutting-edge of the private healthcare delivery in Ghana. This included the acquisition and remodeling of a property at Adabraka into a 20-bed facility. The process included the progressive acquisition of modern medical equipment as well as augmenting the Hospital’s staff complement. The expansion resulted in the upgrade of the status of the facility to a Hospital.

CJMH currently offers a wide range of services including general and specialist clinics, radiology services (mainly x-ray), ultrasonography, laboratory services, in-patients, minor surgeries and emergency response service. The Hospital also has a well-stocked pharmacy which is open to the general public.

Daily attendance currently averages about 350 patients which positions the Hospital as one of the leading private healthcare service providers in Accra and Tema.

The Hospital also runs three in-plant clinics for three clients (Coca Cola Bottling Company, Pioneer Food Cannery and Cargill Ghana Limited) and together attends to an average of 2,700 patients monthly.

Expansion to Lashibi, Tema

CJMH has established a facility at Lashibi in Tema to provide accessible services to a growing clientele in Tema and Spintex Road. Registered as C & J Medicare Hospital and Diagnostics Centre (CJMH &DC), the project is in response to a phenomenal growth in its clientele base in Tema and on the Spintex Road area including leading corporate clients such as Coca Cola Bottling Company, Ecobank Ghana Limited, Pioneer Food Cannery, Cargill Ghana Limited and others which, together, account for substantial daily attendance and in-plant clinics. This facility is expected to address the accessibility problems faced by staff and dependants or corporate clients based in Tema, Sakumono, Spintex Road, Lashibi and Teshie Nungua and adjoining communities which fall under the catchment of the facility. The objective is to establish a full-service Hospital with the required complement of modern medical equipment, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and CT Scan to provide first class healthcare services to clients within the catchments of the facility.

CJMH&DC is the second facility being developed as part of a long-term strategy to establish a national network of healthcare facilities in Ghana. The subsequent phases involve the setting up of modern, fully equipped diagnostic centers in Kumasi, Takoradi and other locations to address a major gap in private healthcare service delivery. The diagnostic centers will also have dedicated Women Educational and


The General Manager /Hospital Administrator will be in charge of the day to day administration of all the C & J Medicare hospitals involving planning, strategizing, organizing, directing, controlling, and coordinating the medical and health services of the hospital. This requires the capability and willingness to work as a team player, creating harmony among the team which comprise superiors and the entire gamut of health care staff.

The Person

The person must be an achiever who will be able to cost-effectively harness the hospital’s complex human, material and intangible resources to achieve maximum output in terms of patient’s care and returns to shareholders.

The person must have these personal attributes:

· Commitment, zeal and drive to achieve and continually improve

· Strong leadership qualities

· Excellent inter-personal skills and ability to foster workplace harmony

· Ability to work as a team player

· Good oral and verbal communication skills

· Ability to take initiative

· Good and balanced temperament with ability to withstand stress

Academic/Professional Requirements

A good first degree in Health Services Management; and in addition a Masters degree in any of the following areas:

· Health Management/Administration

· Business Administration

· Public Health

· Public Administration

· A high level of knowledge and skills in the use of ICT applications, such as MS Word, Excel, Access, SPSS are absolute requirements for the position

Professional Experience:

A minimum of 5 years working experience as a hospital administrator/manager in a medium to large size public, private or mission hospital with documented and verifiable track record of unique achievement

Specific Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the General Manager /Hospital Administrator shall include:

  • acting as a liaison among the governing board, hospital management, medical staff and hospital department heads as well with relevant bodies outside the hospital
  • implementing new policies and directives
  • helping all departments work together as a team to achieve maximum output
  • managing the recruitment, selection, appraisal and development of staff;
  • managing clinical, professional, and administrative staff
  • supervising all areas of the hospital, including physicians, health information technicians, nursing, medical records etc.
  • managing the hospital’s premises, catering, cleaning, portering and security either directly or through sub-contractors.
  • managing and supervising the purchase of equipment and supplies, organising stores and ensuring cost-effective usage
  • generating relevant reports, with the use of ICT, to analyze the effectiveness of various departments and working to reach financial goals and budgets targets
  • maintaining the competitive status and reputation of the hospital by ensuring cost containment, quality service delivery, value for money for patients, customer care and good public relations
  • setting budgets and maintaining finances within tight constraints;
  • planning, implementing strategic changes and quality assurance regimes as well as monitoring and evaluating, to improve service delivery
  • handling communications and corporate affairs;
  • keeping up with ever-changing medical technology, government regulations, financing options/health insurance and advising the hospital appropriately and timely
  • using ICT to manage information and financial data, and analysing and measuring performance; and sending relevant management reports to management and Board in a timely manner

Terms and Conditions:

· AMSCO manager on a UN passport

· Wages USD 7.000 – 8.000 net per month

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