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HR Manager - Malawi


Vacancy: HR Manager
Location: Malawi, Lilongwe
Branch: Agriculture
Type: Full time
Contract: Long term

Company Profile

Malawi Mangoes (MM) plan to implement the first large scale fruit processing facility in Malawi. The company has secured a 126ha site for a banana plantation near Salima (close to the lakeshore in Central Malawi) and plans to facilitate a high quality mango industry among local communities. A processing plant, powered by solar and biomass / biogas, will be constructed to convert the fruit into concentrate and puree that will then be exported, primarily to African, Western and Asian beverage and retail markets.

MM’s inclusive business model is to source large volumes of fruit from a mixture of smallholder farmers and its own Rainforest Alliance certified plantations. The company will work with local communities to graft better quality mango material to trees with poor fruit thereby increasing the yield and quality of the mangoes; MM will then guarantee to buy all the mangoes grown on these trees. In an area where less than 15% of the population has regular employment, the company will be generating over 1,000 jobs in farm work and at their processing plant. It is estimated that the activities of the business will impact the livelihoods of up to 12,000 local households once it is fully operational.

The commercial driver for the business is the strong growth in demand for mango and banana pulp in both global and regional markets. The business will capitalise on low production prices, excellent growing conditions and access to water from Lake Malawi for irrigation purposes. The decision to export pulp products mitigates the geographical and infrastructure challenges faced by Malawian exporters since they do not demand rapid access to major transport hubs that fresh produce requires.

Job description: HR Manager

Based at Salima (initially based in Lilongwe and will be expected to travel between Lilongwe and Salima with overnight stays)

Position reports to: Director Projects, Planning and Administration (DPPA)

Positions reporting to the job holder: HR Assistant

Job Purpose Summary: To guide and manage the overall provision of Human Resources services, including policies, and procedures in order to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the business through the establishment of a business needs focused HR function. It is also a key function of the role to continuously drive the understanding and buy-in to the values of the business through recruitment, performance assessment, retention and development.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

· Staff – HR Assistant

· Planning – Work with the DPPA and Department Heads to develop departmental and organisational HR plans which include succession planning, training and development plans, resource and skills requirements and forecasts.

· Oversee the collection and analysis of management information which enables the monitoring of business and personal performance – including staff turnover, attendance, sickness, holidays, discipline and grievance and compliance with employment legislation.

· Quality – ensure that the highest standards of accuracy and are maintained by the HR function at all times.

· Compliance – with employment regulations, legislation and with data protection, health and safety and other relevant legislation.

· Reporting - management information and performance data to the DPPA and to other departmental and senior managers as required in an accurate and timely manner

· Liaising with line managers and employees within the business to ensure compliance with legislation, policies and procedures. Assist and advise and deliver the required HR services to managers with all issues relating to HR.

· Liaise (and contract) with external stakeholders and agencies as necessary, and with representatives of the local communities.

· Recruitment – Oversee, and be involved in the recruitment and selection of high quality staff for the organisation that are aligned to the values of the business. Develop and maintain effective recruitment and selection policies and procedures and ensure that all staff comply with them. Coordinate recruitment and selection activity across the organisation and ensure consistency of approach.

· Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion and employee benefits.

· Ensure that all terms and conditions, contracts, records, employee letters, files and communications are up to date, distributed and stored appropriately with an awareness of confidentiality requirements.

· Induction – plan and oversee the induction of new employees and existing employees following promotion or transfer to a new role. Ensure that this orientation includes a focus on the behaviors associated with the company values.

· Training and Development – analyse training and development needs, design and administer the employee development plan for all staff, starting with induction and continuing through employment – again ensuring these plans capture development incorporating the values of the business.

· Appraisal – administration of staff performance review/appraisal at least annually, ensuring that all line managers set and monitor targets for their staff performance and development and providing the necessary support as and when required.

· Reward – prepare, analyse and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive rewards and ensure compliance with legal requirements as an absolute minimum. Continuously research and investigate the latest techniques to motivate employees rather than incentivizing them.

· Policies and Procedures – ensure that all relevant policies and procedures are in place, up to date, communicated to employees, and monitor compliance.

· Culture - Development of an employee-oriented, value driven company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, key employee retention and development, fairness and integrity, and high performance and above all, inspires leadership in every employee.

· Health and Safety – responsibility for ensuring that all training and development associated with Health and Safety and risk assessment is carried out in a timely manner and that all legislative requirements are met including reports on accidents and near accidents.

· Support managers and assist in the performance of difficult staffing duties, including dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, dismissing employees, administering disciplinary procedures, and exit interviews.

· Project involvement with other managers as required, contributing in all aspects involving HR issues.

· Budgets – prepare and follow budgets for the HR department and for HR activity such as training and development, recruitment advertising etc.

Scope: responsible for the HR function, supporting the whole business, Head Office, farming and production.

Hours of work: Initially 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday but must be prepared to work longer hours depending on projects and deadlines.

Person Specification:

The job holder will ideally hold a degree in Human Resource Management and at least 3 years’ experience in an HR role, with supervisory/management responsibilities both within Malawi and internationally. Must have a working knowledge of employment legislation and HR practices. Exceptional candidates with good experience as outlined above but only holding an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management will be considered.


  • Very good spoken and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in gathering facts and statistics
  • Good planning and organising skills
  • Good problem solving and decision making skills
  • Work as an effective team member
  • People management skills
  • Work accurately, with good attention to detail
  • Use databases, spreadsheets and word processing packages.
  • Own a valid driving license


  • Enjoy working with people and be emotionally intelligent
  • Be patient, tactful, diplomatic and approachable
  • Be able to stay calm in difficult situations
  • Ability to manage conflict
  • Have good commercial awareness
  • Self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Commitment to personal learning and CPD
  • Respect the importance of confidentiality (dealing with employees' personal details)
  • Display the values of the business

Terms and Conditions:

Work Station – The workstation will be Salima District (100km from Lilongwe) in Malawi once the MM (Operations) Limited’s Fruit Processing facility is complete mid-year in 2013. In the interim will be based at our office in Area 12 Lilongwe up until that time – with occasional business trips to Salima where the company is operating a 126Ha farm in Traditional Authority Khomedza growing bananas and mangoes if required.

Probationary Period - You will serve a 3 month probationary period. At the end of and during this period your performance will be assessed and, provided the Company remains satisfied with your performance, we would expect you to continue as an employee of the Company thereafter.

Gross Salary - Your monthly all inclusive gross salary will be needs to be equivalent in MWK so MK480,000 . The Gross Salary may be reviewed at the discretion of the Company at the beginning of each year.

Bonus - The Company may (but shall not be obligated to) pay the Employee such bonus as is decided from time to time at the discretion of the Company.

Long-term employee incentive scheme - The Company is in the process of establishing a long term employee incentive plan, pursuant to which employees who have met certain length of service and performance requirements would receive a bonus on a successful sale of the business or its listing on a recognized stock exchange. Full details and terms of participation will be made available on completion of the plan or otherwise in the Staff Handbook, once completed.

Loans and Advances - The Company policy on loans and advances is currently being finalised, but will be set out in the Staff Handbook, once completed.

Pension – Employees are entitled to join the company pension scheme as per requirements of the Pension Act which is being run by an authorized pension fund with the following contribution:-

· The company will contribute 7.5 % of your monthly gross salary, rising to 10% from 1st January, 2013.

· Employee contribution to the pension fund will be 5% of Gross Salary Pay.

· The company’s current Pension fund Administrator is NICO Life Insurance Company Limited.

· Medical Aid: The Company’s medical aid provider is MASM. The employees in level 2 are entitled to be on the MASM Executive Scheme and will benefit from a contributory medical insurance. The company’s contribution will be 60% and employee contribution will be 40%.

Working Conditions - Working hours will be from 8am to 5pm with 1 hour lunch break entitlement, Monday to Friday. You will be expected to occasionally work above and beyond these hours as the job may require and flexibility will be given to time off in lieu of overtime worked if this arises. Please note that there is no policy provision for payment of overtime worked.

At the office you will be provided with a computer and phone for use during office hours.

Holiday entitlement - You will be entitled to 18 days annual leave per calendar year, accrued monthly plus all standard national holidays. Holiday requests must be submitted to your line manager and are subject to approval- adequate notice should be provided in order to avoid disappointment.

Notice Period – Termination of contract from either side is (2) two months.

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