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Mechanical + Industrial Engineer


SEED is a startup social venture with the mission to increase the incomes of rural farmers by developing affordable and sustainable water conservation and farm management products and services.

We believe that once farmers are economically empowered, they will take care of the environment and the natural resources associated with farming. Our products will also collect data and inform farmers on the condition of their water, soil, and energy resources thus creating an informational tool for farmers to conserve and manage their environs. SEED therefore, hopes to create a significant socio-environmental impact by increasing the incomes of these small farmers.

The first product in our planned product portfolio is a fuel-efficient and portable irrigation pump that runs on diesel and delivers more water than existing pumps. This product was designed and developed for farmers with small plots of land that are located far from sources of water such as canals and wells.

We have developed, demonstrated, and tested prototype units to farmers in Bangladesh and are now moving into the production phase, developing new markets and hence growing the team. We’re currently looking for team members with a lot of passion and energy for engineering problems as well as a keen observe of users and their surroundings.

We are currently in production of our flagship product and have begun work on others. You will have the opportunity to use your engineering and design creativity to positively impact the lives of poor farmers. This is also an opportunity to be part of a startup company and help in developing a line of products.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Social/Design Research

· Experience with conducting user research and develop design insights.

· Willingness to collaborate and co-create in design and new product development process.

Industrial Design

· Proficient with sketching, modeling, CAD designing using Solidworks or Pro Engineer, and such.

· Knowledge and experience with Finite Element Analysis.

· Experience with rapid prototyping methodologies.

Product Development + Manufacturing

· Must have working knowledge of manufacturing processes and broad knowledge of materials, processes and mechanical aptitude. Just as well must have experience with various mass production methods using metals and plastics.

· Manage production and technical negotiations with contract manufacturers.

· Apply innovative thinking in product development and mfg cost reduction.

· Develop quality control methods and procedures.

· Responsible for product trials with field partners.

· Manage and provide technical support/guidance to new product development (NPD) teams (1-3 people).

Entrepreneurial Aptitude

· Must be able to work independently.

· Experience working in multiple countries and diverse cultures.

Interested in building a startup business and product line.

Education Requirements

· Bachelor’s in Engineering

· Certification encouraged

Employment Type

· Full-time

· 3-month probationary period.

Work Experience

Minimum 2 years (mid- level)


· Salaried position.

· Ranges between $10-25,000 annually based on experience.

· Plus ownership stake.

· Business expenses paid for including travel, and accommodation.

· Assistance provided for re-location

Starting Date

1st January 2013

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