Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ImpactSpace Tracks Impact Investment Deals

Source: Forbes



How do you track all the impact investing deals out there? How can investors see who is investing in what, the sectors that are hot–all the information you might get in something like CNNMoney’s Term Sheet, which tracks what ‘s happening in mergers and acquisitions and venture capital and private equity deals in the conventional world.

The difficulty finding such information led David Bank to create his own answer. His ImpactSpace, which is still in Beta, aims to provide a comprehensive list of companies that have received funding and financial organizations that have provided that money. Bank, a former Wall Street Journal journalist wanted to cover the field but “I found it difficult without being able to see what deals were being done in some regular fashion,” he says. “So we created our own data feeds.” So far, Bank, along with his two-co-founders, has concentrated on early-stage deals, but he plans to expand coverage over time. His goals, according to the web site, are:



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