NextBillion Series.

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  • April Focus Topic: Health Care

    NextBillion's Health Care Month has featured posts from a diverse group of writers, on topics ranging from the ways to improve public-private health care collaboration in India, to the value of splitting the health care market into "luxury" and "economy" segments.

  • March Focus Topic: Environment

    NextBillion's Environment Month featured posts on topics like: the challenges and solutions in providing affordable energy, the environmental impact of solar power and water conservation efforts, and the ways impact investing and microfinance can improve water and sanitation access.

  • February Focus Topic: Education

    In February 2017, NextBillion dedicated special coverage to the discussions and innovations that are shaping education in emerging markets. The posts in this series run the gamut from the opportunities and risks of offering for-profit public education to children (and helping their parents pay for it), to how to optimize entrepreneurship training and financial education for adults.

  • January Focus Topic: Microfinance

    In January 2017, NextBillion dedicated special coverage to the challenges, debates and innovative approaches that are shaping the microfinance sector. The diverse posts in this series discuss new business, technology and policy approaches to making microfinance more effective, more accessible and more sustainable.

  • Lean Research: A New Way

    When used as a guiding framework, the principles of lean research have the potential to improve the quality and accuracy of the data gathered by social enterprises and other organizations, increase the usefulness of the data and enable the research process to generate benefits for communities, including improved relationships with local stakeholders and greater access to data for decision-making. This series explores the emerging discipline and how social enterprises, funders, nonprofits and most importantly - the people affected - may benefit from it.

  • Sanitation Q&As

    As the world works toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 – ensuring access to water and sanitation for all – we here at NextBillion have been asking questions of organizations working to help the 1.8 billion people globally who use a source of drinking water that is fecally contaminated. So many questions, in fact, that we've turned them, and the answers we've received, into a series.

  • Economic Empowerment in Action

    Over 15 months, Nathan Rauh-Bieri of the William Davidson Institute followed five women participating in the year-long Vital Voices GROW Fellowship as they progressed through their training, reflected on the program’s approach and evaluated its usefulness to their businesses and their leadership development.

  • SOCAP 2015 – Complete Coverage

    At the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP), thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, academics and others gathered to discuss the latest in impact investing. The excitement about this growing field was palpable, as evidence accumulates that it is moving from the margins to the mainstream. Check out NextBillion's complete coverage, including the key discussions, quotes, tweets and video interviews.