AVINA is a private foundation created in 1994 by Swiss entrepreneur Stephan Schmidheiny. AVINA is financially maintained by VIVA Trust.

AVINA Foundation has just  over 100 staff members located in 13 countries throughout Latin America. Our in-country presence ensures that we are connected to ground-level efforts that promote social change.

In 2008, AVINA Foundation contributed to the founding of AVINA Americas, a separate but related non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. AVINA Americas serves as a vital bridge with leading organizations in North America, building mutually beneficial partnerships to accelerate shared change agendas.

We identify opportunities for systemic change in Latin America, linking and strengthening the individuals and institutions in the region that can drive that change toward a more sustainable future. When we identify an opportunity with our partners, we broker alliances around shared agendas for action that can contribute to a regionally relevant scale of impact.

AVINA Foundation invests directly in these shared agendas on the ground and we look for synergies and collaboration potential with the work of other international organizations. AVINA acts as a broker, co-investor and facilitator on the ground – employing its resources, local presence and relationships with thousands of allies to develop & roll-out national & regional strategies for change.

Our main contribution to partners is to promote joint action through the direct investment of resources and through services. In 2008, AVINA disbursed over US$17 million in social investments throughout Latin America, bringing the total disbursement since 2003 to over US$317 million.


Our primary services:

– Foster dialogue among diverse actors from civil society and the private sector

– Promote the building of common action agendas

– Invest, leverage & mobilize new resources

– Increase visibility for change agendas

– Build bridges and alliances with new global actors

– Involve public sector actors in order to shape public policy

– Produce, share & manage knowledge, innovation and learning

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