Lucie Klarsfeld
Project Manager at Hystra

Lucie Klarsfeld is a project manager at Hystra, which she joined in 2009 after graduate studies at Columbia University. Her previous experiences included strategy consulting at Bain & Company, assignments for the United Nations and short-term positions for two American NGOs. As a theater lover and actress, she also initiated, organized and taught theater classes for disadvantaged 10-year-olds in a Parisian suburb. Since she joined Hystra, Lucie has worked on developing hybrid strategies in the energy, housing, water, sanitation, nutrition and ICT sectors.


Hystra works with business and social sector pioneers to design and implement hybrid strategies, innovative business approaches that are profitable, scalable and eradicate social and environmental problems; and combine the insights and resources of business and citizen sectors. Hystra itself is a hybrid organization, a for-profit tool for social change. Since its creation in 2009 Hystra has worked in close to 20 countries serving 25 clients, including large corporations, international aid agencies, foundations and a government, to support business models that change the lives of low-income communities across the globe.


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