Oliver Kayser and Lucie Klarsfeld

Olivier Kayser is the Founder and Managing Director of Hystra. From 2003 to 2008, Olivier was a VP of Ashoka, launching its France and UK operations, creating the global Ashoka Support Network and advising its Full Economic Citizenship Initiative. He is a member of several for profit and non profit boards, including GAIN. He was a senior partner at McKinsey, serving for 18 years leading multinationals in Europe, the US and Asia. He had founded TER in 1980, serving French public sector clients. He also lived a year in a small village in Belize. He graduated from HEC in 1979.

Lucie Klarsfeldis a project manager at Hystra, which shejoined in 2009 after graduate studies at Columbia University. Her previous experiences included strategy consulting at Bain&Company, assignments for the United Nations, and short term positions for two American NGOs. As a theater lover and actress, she also initiated, organized and taught theatre classes for disadvantaged 10 year olds in a Parisian suburb. Since she joined Hystra, Lucie has worked on developing hybrid strategies in the energy, housing, water, sanitation, nutrition and ICT sectors.

Hystra:Hystra works with business and social sector pioneers to design and implement hybrid strategies, innovative business approaches that are profitable, scalable and eradicate social and environmental problems; and combine the insights and resources of business and citizen sectors.

Hystra itself is a hybrid organization, a for profit tool for social change. Since its creation in 2009Hystra hasworked in close to 20 countries serving 25 clients, including large corporations, internationalaid agencies, foundations, and a government, to support business models that change thelives of low-income communities across the globe.For more information, visit

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