5th African Philanthropy Conference 2024

The SHINE Collab brings together innovative investors and grantmakers/donors at foundations, NGOs and faith-based groups to bring decentralized, locally-owned and led renewable energy development to the world’s most vulnerable people in the hardest to reach places.

Through grants and investment facilities and by championing the cause, The SHINE Collab’s values-driven community of partners are helping to light the way for a global energy transition to sustainable, scalable and just clean energy solutions.

The SHINE Collab offers regular convenings and promotes strategic dialogue among partners, organizes re-granting and investment facilities, and champions the cause through a range of communications channels.

To learn more, email Margaret at Margaret@theshinecampaign.org

There is a triple threat to our people and planet that demands urgent, bold responses: inequality, climate change and energy poverty. The realities of these threats and their impacts are well known:

  • The climate is in dire crises, with climate impacts on people and ecosystems more widespread and severe than expected, increasing climate vulnerabilities among those very populations that suffer the highest energy access deficits.
  • We are failing at delivering universal energy access – 675 million people still lack access to electricity, 84% of them in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Gender justice and the global advancement of women’s status has slowed, and disparities have widened across countries. This inequality is exacerbated by two facts: the lack of energy access is starker when viewed through a gender lens and an estimated 80 per cent of people displaced by climate change are women.

Despite these known realities, there are few players and funders operating at the energy, gender and climate nexus. This is where Shine comes in. Shine is leading innovative, unusual and multidisciplinary partnerships elevating energy access within the broader advocacy of the Just Transition and demonstrating that decentralized renewable energy access initiatives enable gender just climate solutions.

Location: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Dates: July 29, 2024 - August 2, 2024