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  • Abuja, Nigeria - 2 Days
    October 16

    3rd African International Conference on Islamic Finance

    Event Name: Third African International Conference on Islamic Finance

    Event Location: Transcorp Hilton Abuja; Abuja, Nigeria

    Summary of Event: This conference aims to highlight the ethics and impact of Islamic finance, primarily in West Africa. The agenda topics include ethical investment; regulations; financial technology; the alignment between Islamic finance and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; and Islamic capital markets, including sukuk (bond) markets. One of the major ways that Islamic lending differs from mainstream loans is the use of mechanisms such as the sharing of profit and loss in lieu of conventional interest payments.

    Background on Organizers: Metropolitan Skills Limited is a company that seeks to increase the quality of skills acquisition and capacity building programs in Nigeria.

    Cost: The registration cost is NGN 150,000 (USD 420) per person.

    Event Website

    For additional information, you may contact the event organizers at info[at] or +234 (0)9 4610693.

  • Boulder, CO - 2 Days
    October 16

    Slow Money 2017 Conference

    Join us this October in Boulder to explore the relationship between actual soil and the soil of a restorative economy. And to celebrate the launch of our new initiative on the Front Range, SOIL – Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally.

    People are waking up to the importance of the soil. Soil fertility is vital for human health, resilient communities and strategies for combating climate change.

    But most people don’t talk about soil and money in the same breath.

    Since 2010, tens of thousands of us in dozens of communities have begun supporting local food enterprises that are building healthy soil. Through public meetings large and small, local networks, and lots of peer-to-peer learning, we’ve steered more than $57 million into 632 soil-building food enterprises.

    We all know it’s important to reduce dysfunction in our national political and financial systems, but it’s just as important—maybe even more important—to invest in the future we all want to see in our communities. A healthy local food system is the place to start. Through local networkspublic meetings large and small, and lots of peer-to-peer learning, we’ve steered more than $57 million into more than 632 small food enterprises near where we live.

    Conference, Conference
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