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  • San Diego, CA - 3 Days
    November 1

    SRI: The Conference on Sustainable Investing

    The SRI Conference is the industry’s seminal event. Thought leaders, investors, and investment professionals from all corners of the Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) investing universe convene to gain and share knowledge and strategies that align financial performance with positive change. We are catalyzing the shift to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable economy. Join us!

  • Washington, DC - 3 Days
    November 1

    Global Business School Network: 12th Annual Conference

    “Intersections of Business Education and Economic Development,” the 2017 GBSN Conference in Washington D.C., will focus on the innovative and interdisciplinary ways business schools are collaborating with academia, businesses, NGOs and the public sector to advance economic development and expand opportunities.

    Conference participants will examine the role business schools play in economic and social development, and assess the evolution of education in the face of recent world events, discussing questions such as:

    How have Business Schools integrated social and environmental issues into their curriculums?
    What are the cross-sectorial initiatives within business education that drive or reinforce economic development?
    How are schools responding to fears of the perceived impact of globalization?

    Sessions at the GBSN Conference will address these questions and many more, highlighting opportunities and challenges in the areas of the five sub-themes:

    1. Collaboration/Interdiciplinarity

    Focusing on inter-academic collaboration and integrated approaches to business education that foster stronger technical skills and broader perspectives in graduates.

    2. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

    Presenting successful PPP models that facilitate long-term economic development.

    3. Sustainability and the UN Global Goals

    Highlighting how business and management institutions are working towards creating a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable world.

    4. Impact Measures

    Revisiting how we measure outcomes and successes in business and economic development.

    5. Globalization/Localization?

    Analyzing the dilemma of global and local strategies and the implications for the sectors of education, business and development.

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  • Singapore - 1 Day
    November 1

    PEI Family Office Impact Investor Forum: Singapore

    The growing demand for socially-responsible and purposeful investing can no longer be ignored or filed under ‘compliance’. Impact investing is on the rise, whether it be driven by the ultra-wealthy or demanded by stakeholders of the world’s biggest pension funds. If you are not impact-focused, you are not investor-focused.

    The PEI Family Office Impact Investor Forum: Singapore brings together the investment community with the practitioners driving triple-bottom-line returns. Join us to take a look at impact investing across asset classes and geographies, discover best practice investment processes and examine deal dynamics through an impact lens.

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  • London, UK - 2 Days
    November 1

    Business and human rights: manage risk, implement policy and secure relationships

    As our fourth forum on human rights and business, we will be building on previous years events, with an emphasis on more tangible, interactive and high-level discussion.

    This event is designed to provide companies with the knowledge, insight and practical guidance on how business can best engage and manage human rights risks in their operations and supply chains.

    Session formats have been updated to include Q&As, question time, case studies and scenario-based training to ensure sessions are interactive and engaging.

    Over the two days we’ll bring together business, NGOs, multi stakeholder initiatives and government to discuss the most pressing issues that you deal with day to day, and those that you should be focussing on in the next five years.

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  • Mauritius - 3 Days
    November 1

    African Leadership Network 2017

    ALN is a network for people who are passionate about developing 3 million leaders for Africa by 2060. Our mission is to create a convening place for all those who believe in this vision to transform Africa.

    This year’s Gathering will explore the mindsets, skills and networks leaders need in order to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.

    Each year, 300 of the most interesting, inspiring, and influential people from across Africa and around the world gather for 3 days to reflect on how they can elevate the continent to greater heights by addressing its most pressing issue: leadership. Those in attendance explore how they can transform Africa by becoming better leaders themselves and by playing a role in nurturing the next generation of African leaders. The theme of this year’s gathering is “Impossible”, which will explore the mindsets, skillsets, and networks leaders need to embrace as they embark on the seemingly impossible journey of making this century the ‘African Century’. Join us for an energizing, inspiring, and thought-provoking experience on the beautiful island of Mauritius and become part of a movement that will redefine Africa.

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  • Virtual - 1 Day
    November 1

    UNCDF and VisionFund present: What’s next for Microfinance in Myanmar?


    Economically isolated for decades, Myanmar has only recently opened up to the global community. With this came a lot of discussion about this South East Asian country being the ‘last frontier’ of financial inclusion. Microfinance legislation was passed in late 2011, but what has happened since? And what does the future look like?

    As part of Financial Inclusion Week 2017, join speakers from the UNCDF and VisionFund Myanmar to discuss what’s next for microfinance in Myanmar, addressing key questions such as:

    • What are some of the current challenges and opportunities in Myanmar for microfinance institutions and their role in advancing financial inclusion?
    • What role does regulation play in promoting or hindering financial inclusion in the country?
    • What types of partnerships need to be formed in order to meet the significant demand for microfinance?
    • What sort of innovation should take place to fulfil the specific needs of the population?

    VisionFund Myanmar is one of the largest microfinance providers in country, serving over 160,000 clients and growing rapidly. The UNCDF has been present in Myanmar since 2012, creating opportunities for the provision of inclusive financial services for individuals and micro and small businesses.

    Paul Luchtenburg is the Myanmar Country Coordinator for UNCDF.

    Rommel Caringal is the CEO of VisionFund Myanmar.

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