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  • New York, NY - 2 Days
    July 9

    Venture Nurturing™

    This unique program allows 25 qualified startups to network, FREE of charge, at The 2019 New York Venture Summit with hundreds of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Corporate VCs, Investment Bankers, CEOs and Founders of venture backed and emerging growth companies, Technology Transfer Professionals, Incubator managers, University Researchers, Industry Leaders and Professional Service Firms.

    The opportunity for VentureNurturing startups is totally free.

    To qualify, your startup or the startup you nominate must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have not raised any funding to date
    2. Have less than $100K annual revenue
    3. Have not previously attended a youngStartup Ventures conference

    Startups selected will be awarded one ticket to the Venture Summit | West 2019 and will be chosen at youngStartup’s discretion.

    To request a ticket you must apply by filling out the form below.

    Once you’ve filled out the form you must tweet why we should select your company using hashtag #venturenurturing.

    Challenge, Workshop
  • Lagos, Nigeria - 3 Days
    July 9

    2019 Digital PayExpo Conference

    The Digital PayExpo is an annual conference that aggregates key industry players both in the supply and demand-side to discuss and showcase ways of promoting the financial inclusion agenda in Nigeria and other emerging economies.

    The participants play an active role in the conference by participating in the panel/plenary discussions. In addition, the event offers a unique opportunity for financial service providers to network, sponsor the event and showcase their payment solutions to the industry. There is a range of ways to be involved through sponsorship opportunities.

    The event brings together hundreds of C-Suite executives- bankers, investors, start-ups, consultants, multilateral, national development agencies and many more. With an unparalleled program and prestigious speakers, the event is widely recognized for its high-quality sessions and excellent networking opportunities. This year, the event will be bigger and better as over 1000 participants are expected to attend.