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  • Kampala, Uganda - 3 Days
    October 1

    Banking on the Last Mile Conference

    Banking on The Last-Mile conference brings together practitioners to discuss their experiences and emerging practices in digitizing savings groups, linkage banking (financial linkages with savings groups), digital financial services (broadly), and agency banking at the last mile.

    The interface of financial technology with savings groups models (VSLAs, SILCs, SfC, S4T etc) as platforms at the last mile, has greatly impacted the rate at which households that were previously unbanked are getting financially included into the formal financial systems. The challenges of adoption and the need to re-engineer strategies for savings groups promoters, bankers, MFIs and other players has necessitated a call for honest dialogue for practitioners to learn from one another while being open to contextual innovations.

    The conference brings together practitioners from fintech companies, NGOs promoting savings groups, regulators,  government departments, donor agencies, academics and independent consultants.

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