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  • Charleston, South Carolina - 1 Day
    March 19

    Impact Leadership & Management: An Executive Education Retreat

    The next iteration of CSR and Corporate Citizenship is Impact Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose. Impact Leaders and Managers touch every department/function in an organization. They are playing ever more important roles in branding, marketing, PR, driving sales, and setting internal cultures. No longer are they a window/connection to a corporation’s stakeholders, they have actually become the eyes (windows) into the soul of a company. This trend is so profound that CEO searches now focus heavily on CSR and Corporate Citizenship professionals because they truly are the Impact Leaders and Managers in the room.

    Held in America’s Number 1 city and a global hub of Impact, attendance at our two-day events will provide you with the knowledge, information, tools, and contacts you will need to:

    • Uncover your company’s signature cause

    • Build imperative bridges between every functional department in your company

    • Examine the future of Profit & Loss, and redefine corporate P&L statements

    • Make your company’s culture it’s brand

    • Build an Impact Culture that will top strategy

    • Become a secret weapon in your corporate sales strategies

    • Design and implement Impact Leadership and Cause Marketing strategies that will:

    • Increase revenues

    • Boost customer acquisition and retention rates

    • Lower employee and client attrition

    • Keep you and your company relevant in today’s changing sphere


  • Virtual - 1 Day
    March 19

    Virtual Discussion: What is the Role of Business in Tackling the Coronavirus?

    On 11th March 2020, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. At time of writing, there are more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 people have lost their lives. It is likely that many more countries will be affected, with particularly devastating impacts for countries with weak health systems, and for low-income populations across all countries. There is a mixed picture in terms of country and company readiness and multiple sources of information, some of which are not credible and adding to public confusion.

    We are launching an urgent process across businesses to accelerate local action and support real-time best-practice learning across markets. The work will be led by Myriam Sidibe, renowned handwashing expert. The work will be anchored around the National Business Compact on COVID-19, a national business coalition campaign in Kenya.

    The global knowledge-sharing process is being coordinated by Business Fights Poverty, in partnership with a growing coalition of business networks, including Business Partners for Sustainable Development (BPSD), an initiative of the United States Council for International Business, led by internationally-renowned public health expert, Scott Ratzan MD.

    To find out more or how you can get involved, click here.

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