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  • Bangkok, Thailand - 3 Days
    March 21

    Second Global Summit on Food Fortification

    The Second Global Summit on Food Fortification is part of a worldwide effort to invigorate interest, awareness and investment in Large-Scale Food Fortification (LSFF) and biofortification – two population-based interventions with enormous potential to contribute sustainably to reducing and preventing micronutrient deficiencies globally.

    The Summit aims to build consensus around the most important actions that should be pursued in order for staple food fortification to meet its potential impact to reduce malnutrition worldwide.

    The summit will explore complementarities between industrial fortification and biofortification, as well as lessons learned from industrial fortification that are applicable to efforts to scale up biofortification and maximise its impact.

    Other themes to be featured in the Summit agenda include:

    • A review of global progress since the first summit was held in Arusha, Tanzania in 2015.
    • The complimentary roles of industry, government, academia, and civil society in ensuring the success and sustainability of fortification at national, regional, and global levels.
    • Improving monitoring and ensuring quality and compliance of fortification across agriculture, trade and health systems.
    • Measuring impact and using data for advocacy, to increase accountability and ensure evidence-based decisions.
    • Improving national fortification programmes through advocacy, technical assistance, consumer activism and civil society engagement.
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