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  • Virtual - 3 Days
    May 28

    2021 Virtual Subsistence Marketplaces Conference

    Envisioning Subsistence Marketplaces in a Post-Pandemic World


    Sponsored by:
    LMU Center for International Business Education (CIBE)

    Launch of Subsistence Marketplaces, A Journal and Knowledge/Practice Portal

    Our interactive, immersive virtual forum will be themed around envisioning a post-pandemic world that addresses stark inequalities locally and globally in subsistence marketplaces. How do we work toward such a future through research, education and practice? The conference purposefully includes a blend of virtual interviews with subsistence consumers and entrepreneurs in different countries, plenary sessions, participatory workshops, special topical sessions, and presentations of papers submitted in response to this call. Academics, students, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, and business and nonprofit practitioners are encouraged to submit abstracts of individual presentations, sessions or workshops.
    Abstracts for individual presentations or sessions (1,000 words max) are due Feb. 28, 2021 to Details are available here and here
    The conference will provide a forum for the launch of a new journal and web portal – Subsistence Marketplaces. The purpose is to create a space for the unique bottom-up approach from micro-level foundations that this stream of work represents. Details are available here and here and partially listed below.
    Our journal follows an enduring stream of work on subsistence marketplaces from the last decade, including 11 conferences, several special issues or sections, and scholarship and practice from around the world. We envision a knowledge-practice platform that encompasses a variety of facets from a journal with refereed articles. The portal along with the journal will provide a hub for research and practice that adopts a bottom-up approach to studying low income consumers, entrepreneurs and marketplaces. It will be a home for work that begins at the micro-level, examining these contexts in their own right, inside-out rather than outside-in. A variety of papers are welcomed along with supporting multimedia. Types of papers include refereed research articles and notes, curricular innovations and practitioner perspectives. The journal will be fully online. Authors will hold all rights to their work. We aim to be distinct in a number of ways. Here are some defining characteristics:
    • Studying individuals and communities in these contexts in their own right and not as a means to another end (i.e. inside out)
    • Focus on consumers, entrepreneurs and marketplaces in the broad range of low income – from extreme poverty to the lower end of lower-middle income
    • Starting point of micro-level foundations of thinking, feeling, coping, relating and sustaining
    • Bottom-up approach to generating and aggregating insights
    • An intersector, interdisciplinary orientation aimed toward an audience of researchers, educators and practitioners from all sectors
    • Synergies between research, teaching and practice
    • A multimedia portal that provides supporting material and presents voices from these contexts
    • An active collaboration with practitioner partners interested in such insights
    We will find ways to support the research-practice endeavor end-to-end or, before, during and after, through:
    • connecting researchers to practitioners
    • creating forums for development of research
    • providing a space for protocols of planned research
    • providing an outlet for research
    • enabling the translation from research to practice
    • enabling the translation from practice to research
    • creating a platform for knowledge-practice or academic-social enterprise
    • envisioning new metrics for gauging impact to a broad audience
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