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  • Geneva and Online - 3 Days
    May 3

    Geneva Health Forum

    Registrations to the GHF 2022 conference are open!

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    Covid-19 Pandemic and Environmental Emergency: Reinventing Global Health in times of Global Changes

    The Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on our fragility as societies to zoonoses, illnesses that appear among the animal world and that can spread to human beings. Zoonoses are more likely to spread to humans in a context of loss of biodiversity, fragility of ecosystems, deforestation, urbanisation, etc. At the same time, pollution is growing and having more and more an impact on our health. Climate change is fostering unprecedented crises such as draughts, floods, fires, heat waves, being the cause of potential humanitarian disasters, destabilization, conflicts and migrations. Our health is intrinsically linked to the health of the environment and the Geneva Health Forum will offer a platform to discuss the immense challenges that are  linked to the intertwinement of human, animal and environmental health.

  • Sopact - 1 Day
    May 3

    Launching a Groundbreaking Platform for Impact Data Dashboards

    How can entrepreneurs get ready for outcome-based funding in a short time?

    Sopact is revolutionizing the IMM space in how entrepreneurs and funders can become outcome-driven. Learn from enterprises that communicate their impact through an outcome-based dashboard rather than by using traditional metrics required by the funder. Discover how Sopact simplifies data integration, saves hundreds of hours in cleaning and data transformation, and enables continuous data-driven dashboards.

    Outcome-based funding requires entrepreneurs to have a clear insight into purpose and profit, which they can exhibit with the dynamic dashboard. But, to demonstrate the impact of enterprise to investors, entrepreneurs still rely on a combination of products and solutions. As a result, their team also spends long hours with various tools and external data teams.

    This webinar will discover how enterprises are already streamlining strategy, data management, and real-time analytics with Impact Cloud®. As a result, data-ready enterprises can have a dashboard with continuous impact insight in minutes, not days and months. The new Impact Cloud® can:

    1) Connect with 200+ data sources
    2) Auto calculate metrics
    3) Perform complex data clean-ups
    4) You can now change data labels
    5) Translate data into any language
    6) Utilize online, offline, system, or stakeholder databases
    7) Publicly share an entire dashboard.
    8) Embed individual visualization on your website
    9) Add custom scoring
    10) Unmatched data security
    11) Granular permissions

    Sopact invites you to learn from leading social enterprises already using it. So do not miss this opportunity to witness dashboards that live and breathe to communicate impact.

    Thank you.

    Time: 11:00 AM ET

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