Mondato Summit Africa

NOTE: The Mondato Summit Africa was rescheduled to Sept. 23-24.

Created in 2014, Mondato Summit Africa was created to offer clarity in the chaotic and constantly changing digital finance and FinTech industry. It is an executive thought leadership event with a content-rich, interactive format aimed at driving the space forward through dialogue, partnerships and knowledge.

Pillars for the digitization of economies are being put into place across Sub-Saharan Africa. Still very much a mobile-first region, the continent is positioned as a leader in financial inclusion initiatives, with several markets on the forefront of establishing use cases for adoption of digital finance. But there is growing concern, and some empirical evidence, that though populations are becoming more ‘digitally included’, their lives are not necessarily improving financially. By some accounts, the fintech industry is expected to increase Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP by upwards of $150 billion by 2022. In order to achieve this, however, the focus may need to become more tailored to a range of user segments, such as urban and rural areas, SME and micro businesses, to women and migrants.

Fundamental questions exist: How best to identify and develop viable use cases, which will be deemed by the target segment to deliver appreciable? Are partnership models for fintech too flimsy or complex; and what might new alliances look like? How can progress and impact of these services be measured and optimized? Our host market, Mozambique, has a growing fintech sector, though its digital financial services ecosystem is still in the early stages of development.

Held in partnership with Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique (FSDMoç) and ARECOM, the seventh annual Mondato Summit Africa, the region’s premier digital finance thought leadership event, will showcase new and exciting use cases across sectors, and address the need to innovate and collaborate in order to drive the next wave of financial.

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Location: Maputo, Mozambique

Dates: September 23, 2020 - September 24, 2020