Webinar: After COVID-19: Navigating to the Next Normal with Jayshree Pandya

While the coronavirus outbreak is primarily understood to be a health and economic crisis and a terrible human tragedy, it is also a scientific and humanistic puzzle that has evolutionary implications, raising more questions than providing immediate answers. Indeed, there are a growing number of conversations taking place about what life will be like in the “next normal”.

Assessing the crisis from an evolutionary perspective and studying our current systems and processes by evaluating their effectiveness and identifying the gaps made manifest by the virus, will help us respond in a far-sighted manner by creating new processes and systems that will address manifold, interconnected risks and better protect the future of humanity.

Visioning with a post-COVID lens, what does an evolutionary and systems-minded approach to risk reduction and sustainable economy creation look like? What role does innovation play in this transformative process? What kinds of global, national and local changes might we expect and plan for?

In this virtual fireside chat, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker welcomes Jayshree Pandya, Ph.D., a leading expert at the intersection of science, technology, and security, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Risk Group LLC, for a high-level conversation about preparing for the post-COVID world.

Location: Virual

Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020