Webinar on Just Transition & Skill Development in the Electric Vehicle Industry

The webinar will comprise of two sessions. Each session will see a detailed discussion with expert panellists on both topics.

Session 1- From ICE to Electric: Ensuring a Just Transition in the Auto Industry
The Indian auto and transport industries are poised to shift rapidly and irrevocably away from conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric and alternative clean fuel-powered vehicles in the coming years. This is expected to be accompanied by significant changes in technology, production processes and consumption patterns, which in turn will impact the employment generation in the sector. To minimize the potential adverse effects of decarbonized transport, and to enable more socially inclusive and equitable outcomes alongside environmental sustainability, India will need to ensure that the transition to a low carbon transport sector is just.

In this panel discussion, we will highlight key aspects of the upcoming jobs transition in the auto and transport industry, the potential of high-quality green jobs, and best practices to navigate the transition for just outcomes.

Session- 2 Skill Development and Training for Electric Mobility
As we are transitioning to electric vehicles, the changes in the automotive value chain will cause job losses in the traditional ICE industry and create new jobs in the EV industry. Right skilling will reduce significant job losses and ensure a sustainable transition for the sizeable automotive workforce, in the formal and informal sectors. The deployment of skill development programs at scale will also ensure the continued growth of the e-mobility industry, which currently relies on internal skilling processes for their workers and for their supply chains.

In this panel discussion, we will understand the changing dynamics of the automotive industry due to the e-mobility transition and discuss pathways for the development of skills required for the EV industry.

Time: 7:00 AM ET | 4:30 PM India 

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2022