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2016 EFL Global Fellowship

In the past 5 years, EFL has gone from a Harvard research initiative to helping enable over $1 Billion in finance to entrepreneurs and individuals in emerging markets. EFL Global Fellows are recent college graduates helping to tackle our largest issues on the ground across 4 continents. If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship, international development, and emerging markets, the EFL Global Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to have an outsized impact on the world.

About the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL):

EFL is a for-profit social enterprise which spun out from Harvard’s Center for International Development. Our mission is simple: to unlock the untapped potential of emerging markets by expanding access to finance for the un-banked.

How? We track down existing social network and mobile phone data and, when that’s not available, leverage our proprietary psychometrics tool.  All of the data is then channeled through predictive models that produce alternative credit scores for individuals in emerging markets. These scores enable financial institutions to evaluate the creditworthiness of small business owners and consumers who would otherwise not have traditional access to credit. This scalable, breakthrough technology helps bring the developing world’s most capable, yet previously un-bankable, people into the formal financial fold for the first time, empowering them and their economies from the inside-out.

Today, EFL has been used in loan disbursements totaling over $1billion USD. We have offices in 4 continents and we are working with leading financial institutions across 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and now Europe! We have been featured in the New York Times, two Harvard Business School cases, and our work has also been recognized by leading development organizations such as the World Bank, IFC, Inter-American Development Bank, and the G-20.

About the Fellowship:

The mission of the EFL Global Fellowship is to train and enable the next generation of global innovators in access to finance.

The two-year fellowship provides a unique opportunity for young, driven individuals to engage with a fast-paced startup in the field of international development finance. In your first year, your mission will be to propel EFL’s work by tackling projects across a spectrum of business facets. The Fellowship will likely be based in Lima, Peru or Boston, MA for the duration of the first year; personal geographical preference will be taken into account. As the fellowship unfolds, strengths, personal preference and company needs will define a longer-term role at EFL.

Past fellows have had the ability to work on high-impact projects right out of school. Examples include:
•       Designing testing interfaces that affect more than 10,000 unbanked entrepreneurs monthly
•       Developing and implementing a mobile version of the EFL product
•       Living on 3 continents and launching bank partnerships in Indonesia and Kenya
•       Taking lead on alternative data R&D initiatives to dramatically increase predictive power of the EFL score

In your first year, you could be asked to make contributions in sales, marketing, business development, account management and technology and product development. This will be an opportunity for career exploration before finding your fit.

You will be joining a tight-knit corps of friends and mentors – groups of Fellows will periodically converge in the field to work on short-term projects together. We guarantee at least six weeks of on-the-ground global experience within your first year. Additionally, an important goal of the Fellowship is to uncover and educate the future leaders of the organization.

Your success in both years of the Fellowship will depend on your ability to learn quickly in situations that are foreign, to think critically through complex challenges, to take initiative as opportunities emerge, and to execute efficiently and effectively.


The ideal candidate for the Global Fellowship will have:
•       Recent completion of undergraduate program with a record of strong academic performance.
•       An entrepreneurial nature, and proven leadership roles.
•       Demonstrated passion for entrepreneurial solutions and international economic development.
•       Work and/or travel experience in emerging markets.

Desired Attributes:
•       Working knowledge of statistical packages (STATA, R)
•       Foreign language ability (preferably Spanish)
•       Basic programming knowledge
•       Graphic Design experience

Additional Information

Email a cover letter and resume to Julia Reichelstein at careers@eflglobal.com.
• Please save both in either a single word document or a PDF entitled “LastName.FirstName_GlobalFellowship” (e.g., “Smith.John _GlobalFellowship”).
• Please title the email “Global Fellowship 2016”.

Applications without cover letters will not be considered. In the cover letter, please touch on who you are, why EFL and why this position. We are looking for a real person, not credentials; you’ll be a member of a small, growing team, so be yourself!

Applications are accepted until February 1st.