Accelerating Economic Development within Immigrant Communities

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 “Accelerating Economic Development within Immigrant Communities”

Office of Immigrant Affairs

City of Los Angeles




Los Angeles is home to one of the largest immigrant populations in the United States. With his election as Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013, Eric Garcetti re-established the Office of Immigrant Affairs to address key issues within immigrant communities and to help embrace immigrants as vital members of the community. The mission of the Office of Immigrant Affairs is to create programs and initiatives that support immigrant integration through the coordination of city services, outreach and legislative advocacy. By partnering with public agencies such as the Los Angeles Public Library and collaborating with the nonprofit and private sectors, the Office of Immigrant Affairs has brought a more holistic approach to immigrant integration and has been able to extend its reach, particularly in promoting citizenship services.


The Office of Immigrant Affairs is now working with the Mayor’s Office of Small Business and other agencies to rollout a new initiative focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners within immigrant communities to develop and grow their enterprises. Navigating the process of opening or expanding a business can be a challenging undertaking, especially for entrepreneurs who may be limited in their English language skills, educational experience, familiarity with reporting requirements, credit scores, or who may still be navigating aspects of the citizenship process.  Immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners are, however, a vital economic force with the potential to create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. The Office of Immigrant Affairs is in the earliest stages of developing an array of programs and partnerships to help support business owners to achieve their full potential. To help implement these approaches, the Office of Immigrant Affairs will partner with FUSE Corps to host a Fellow for one year to help ensure that immigrant integration into the Los Angeles business community is embraced and leveraged as an core economic engine for the region.




Starting in October 2015, the FUSE Fellow within the Office of Immigrant Affairs will begin by working to establish a comprehensive understanding of the current needed of immigrant business owners as well as the programs that are currently available to help meet those needs and to foster other linkages around citizenship and engagement. The Fellow will help identify areas where service gaps are most apparent or where policy changes might be helpful to foster business growth and promotion of immigrant integration. The Fellow will also work to cultivate close relationships with all of the key public, private, nonprofit and community leaders connected to these issues and to also develop an understanding of best practices currently being undertaken in other cities around the country.


With this background of information, the Fellow will develop a detailed plan to expand and promote resources for immigrant business owners using innovative approaches to reach both community members and the larger business community. The Fellow will develop a series of recommendations for partnerships, programs and policies that are grounded in data-driven evidence of the economic impact of all proposals. Recommendations should be accompanied by a strategic plan for rolling out services, including short- and long-term goals, staffing plans, financial budgets, tactics for meeting all resource requirements, and metrics for evaluating the impact of these efforts. This plan should be developed in close partnership with all key stakeholders in order to ensure widespread consensus and commitment. To help validate the potential of this plan, the Fellow will seek out and execute opportunities for high-impact / high-profile demonstration projects in order to generate evidence and momentum for building upon early wins with continuing efforts.


Success in this project will be evaluated in terms of the Fellow’s ability to propose actionable recommendations that have broad, cross-sector buy-in and to compellingly demonstrate the potential of those plans to have a meaningful impact in the community. If successful, this work will enable hundreds of immigrant business owners to achieve their personal goals and also stimulate economic development within some of LA’s most distressed neighborhoods.




·      Develop an understanding of the current landscape and a foundation of relationships – Quickly get up to speed on current services, outreach and key stakeholders related to immigrant integration and specifically to business needs and opportunities for immigrants. Evaluate related programs underway in other communities.


·      Develop recommendations and plans – Identify new approaches to communicating the resources available to immigrants wanting to start businesses. Develop innovative partnerships to support immigrant entrepreneurs and expedite their entrance into the larger business community. Incorporate metrics into each recommendation and establish means for tracking and regularly communicating progress.


·      Engage stakeholders and build coalitions – Facilitate communication between City agencies to maximize resources. Continuously gather feedback from key stakeholders and the larger community to identify how different proposals are resonating and how to modify recommendations accordingly.


·      Pursue and disseminate early wins – Identify the most likely “early wins” that can be accomplished within the year to clearly demonstrate the value and impact of increasing the number of immigrant small businesses and thus build momentum for ongoing efforts to engage directly with immigrant small business owners and entrepreneurs. Broadly disseminate case studies and other information to ensure continued focus and support.




·      Linda Lopez Chief, Office of Immigrant Affairs, Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, will supervise the Fellow and serve as the executive champion to ensure that this project achieves its full potential for impact.

·      Other key stakeholders who will be involved with this project may include:

o   Mayor’s Office of Small Business

o   Economic & Workforce Development Department

o   Office of the CAO

o   Los Angeles Public Library

o   Other key officials as well as local and federal agencies




·      At least 10 years of professional experience in a relevant field, particularly with a background in program development, communications, coalition-building initiatives and/or management consulting. Familiarity with the world of public social services would also be a plus.

·      Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with ease in public presentations and with fluency in Spanish being a major plus.

·      Excellent stakeholder management skills and the ability to use facilitative leadership techniques to coordinate stakeholder activities without direct reporting authority.

·      Strong record of success engaging a variety of cross-sector stakeholders and managing cross-functional teams. Ability to relate to a wide variety of diverse audiences with varying interests with strong emotional intelligence, empathy and diplomacy.

·      Superior critical thinking and analytical skills. Ability to synthesize complex information into clear and concise recommendations.

·      Self-motivated, goal-oriented, entrepreneurial leader who is an independent worker, creatively resourceful in creating novel solutions to complex problems, persistent in obtaining information, and able to create direction and movement within potentially ambiguous environments.

  • Flexibility, adaptability, persistence, humility, inclusivity and sensitivity to cultural differences.




Visit and click the link for this role to upload a resume and complete the online application questions in lieu of a cover letter. The application process will allow you to indicate interest in more than one fellowship opportunity. It is not necessary to submit multiple applications. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as hiring will be done on a rolling basis and specific opportunities may close quickly.


This role offers the opportunity to work full-time for 12 months as an independent contractor of FUSE Corps with an annual stipend of $90,000 paid through monthly installments.


The FUSE Fellowship is an equal opportunity program with a core value of incorporating diverse perspectives. We strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.