Accounting Intern

Where to Apply

About EarthEnable
EarthEnable is a new and quickly growing company in Rwanda that also has a social purpose. The company sells healthy and affordable floors to the 80% of Rwandans who can only afford to have a dirt floor in their home. Concrete floors have been shown to reduce disease and improve health but a concrete floor costs up to 300,000 RWF for a 30 square meter home and usually crack quickly.
EarthEnable™ has invented an alternative floor that is 70% cheaper than concrete and that have 90% less embedded energy. EarthEnable™’s floors are composed of natural materials (gravel, clay, sand) and are sealed with a special oil invented at Stanford “a top university in the United States” that forms a plastic-like seal on the floor, which makes it water-proof, hard, smooth, easy to clean, and polished. They are already prevalent in modern homes in the United States, and our company strives to become the leader in flooring in Rwanda.
About The Role
If you have strong Excel skills, and enjoy accounting and bookkeeping, but truly want to use these skills to make an impact in the world while dealing with challenging problems, this job is for you!  You will be making a tremendous impact, truly saving our CEO and Co-Founder, who has been spending hours a day trying to clean up our books, given sloppy bookkeeping to date, and she\’s the only one with a strong understanding of Quickbooks and accounting.  We promised her that we would try to find a volunteer to help this summer.  Will that person be you?
•       As a junior accountant, play “CFO” for a growing company, ensuring that we are observing proper financial management
•       Ensuring that our books are clean and that our Quickbooks is fully up to date (audit depreciation, COGS closing, receivables, payables, payroll, reconciliation with expense files, etc.)
•       Enacting a cash management system
•       Analyzing financial performance (gross and net margins) over time as it relates to operations
•       Spend ~4 days in the office, with ~1 days in the field better understanding operations, to inform our financial management.
We are looking for very detail-oriented candidate who are passionate about development in East Africa, and excited to use their skills to make a significant impact.
•       Strong understanding of accounting, GAAP, and Quickbooks
•       Excellent analytical skills and entrepreneurial attitude
•       Exceptional Excel skills and Quickbooks skills
•       Excellent and creative problem-solving skills
•       Detail orientation and ability to push through tedious tasks (e.g. logging transactions)
•       Commitment and passion for social change
•       Any age is welcome! (College student, young professional, mid-career, retired, etc.)
Compensation details
While we are unable to pay a living stipend for this volunteership, living costs are very very cheap in Rwanda, and we would be willing to cover the cost of your flight from wherever you are, and you would be able to ride in the company truck with us to the office in Nyamata daily from Kigali.  You would participate as a full member of the management team, and we\’d be eager to learn from you!

To apply send a resume and cover letter to with \”First & Last Name – Position Title” in the email subject line. In the cover letter, include why you think you’d be a good fit for this role, and your previous accounting experience. All application materials should be in English, written directly by the candidate.