Accounting System Development Consultant

Sanivation Limited
Naivasha, Kenya
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Sanivation’s current accounting process is based on excel and Quick Books system developed in-house. We have continually modified our process to handle the scale of our operations but now our current system is not able to operate at the efficiencies and some of the new features we need for expense tracking, reporting, budgeting and cash disbursement.

We are looking for accounting experts with experience in Kenya to help us develop a new accounting system that we can have in place by February of 2019. We encourage the option for off-the-shelf software or systems, as long as it can enable us to scale from our current operation of 3 factories and 75 employees with $ 1 million in annual revenue to at least 5 factories, 200 employees and $9 million in annual turnover.

Key areas that we are soliciting involvement are in:
• Auditing of our current system to understand key challenges and needs
• New process/system for expense tracking and reporting: job codes, VAT tracking, cash management, receipt collection and documentation
• Budgeting and cash disbursement: project budgeting, cash flow projections, cash tracking, budget tracking updates
• Creation of new accounting system, updating new system with our data, training users on operation and maintenance of the system

Sanivation would like to have this work completed by end of February 2019.

The exact method can be determined by the consultant, however, Sanivation advises this general approach:
• Initial evaluation in house of Sanivation’ current system, areas of problems, and needs for expansion
• Evaluating current options for accounting system that could provide for the needs of Sanivation
• Recommending system solution and final decision with Sanivation
• Updating the system, populating it, or modifying it for Sanivation’s use
• Training key staff at Sanivation on how to use the system with full rollout within Sanivation
• Follow up for further training and modification

If the consultant has previous knowledge or data that will expedite the process, it should be used and applied.

The completed deliverables should be:
• Problem statement report on key needs for a Sanivation accounting solution for a minimum of the next three years
• A solution system built out and updated with Sanivation’s data for ease of transitioning
• Training manual and SOPs for Sanivation operation
Procurement Process:
Sanivation will share this document with consultants and will chose a consultant to work with based on cost and confidence in ability to complete the work.

Please create a work schedule with how long you expect it will take to complete this work and the associated rate. Then submit the cost estimate and any other supporting materials to Sanivation by November 29th. The winning proposal will be selected by December 5th and work can start immediately upon selection.

Please send your proposal bid to

Experience and Competencies

Preferred Experience
• Over 10 years of accounting experience total with at least 5 years of accounting experience in Kenya and with Kenyan companies
• Track record of successful accounting systems developed with references

• Fluent in English
• Communication – excels at written and spoken communication. Ability to train others on system
• Understanding of accounting needs as companies scale in Kenya.