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Indian School of Development Management
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•      Understand the brand positioning for ISDM and create a marketing / branding plan accordingly – Channels, Nature of Engagement, Frequency of engagement, Budget
•       Identify areas where external support would be required and useful and rope in partners who could work with us in delivering the marketing plan in the most cost effective manner
•       Develop all relevant marketing, admission collaterals as per the plan
•       Work on development, maintenance of website and logo
•       Devise a clear social media marketing plan to each out to large numbers of potential students in a continuous and effective manner
•       Maintain relevant blogs; write regularly as part of the overall PR Plan
•       Implement the overall marketing plan in a timely, efficient and effective manner
•       Manage admissions as per process and timelines
Location: Delhi
Education: Graduates / Post Graduate preferably in Mass Communication, Advertising, Marketing, Journalism,
Work experience: 5-7 years with reasonable exposure to marketing, social media; Need someone who is excited to be part of the Founding team for building an iconic, world class educational institute focusing on Development Leadership
Compensation: As per industry standards

Additional Information

Organization Background
With exponential growth both in funding and thereby number of organizations in the development / social space and their complexity, there is increasing demand for ‘professionalization’ of management resources from various stakeholders – funders / donors, government, sector organizations etc. The long standing theory that technical capacity along with sufficient funding would be sufficient conditions for this sector to deliver on its promise has been turned on its head. While these factors are critical and necessary for any kind of impact on the ground, there is a missing element that will help improve the efficacy of this sector in aiding development, reducing inequalities, accelerating sustainability and alleviating poverty. That missing element is the ability of leaders, managers in the social sector institutions to build organizations, build teams, ensure transparency, integrity and good internal governance, communicate effectively with external stakeholders, plan, implement and monitor work effectively, deliver on scale etc.
Studies identifying issues with the social sector organizations also highlight lack of internal good governance, issues of accountability, credibility, skills gaps in the employees as some of the improvement areas. They all point to the need for professionals who can combine the passion and sensitivity arising from an understanding of social issues along with the structured approach and organizational development mindset which comes from the leadership and management disciplines.
The Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) has been set up with the focused objective of developing leadership and management talent for and of the social sector. It will strive to:
• Build institutions and programs which can help bridge this gap in a structured, grounded, inter-disciplinary manner
• Attract the best minds in the development space from across the world for knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination and practice
• Create an “ecosystem” for the establishment of ‘Development Management’ as a profession and a key component in the success of organizations in the development space
• Develop as a key knowledge partner for policy and implementation for governments, foundations, social organizations across the world