African Conservation Grant Writing & Strategic Opportunity Outlook Intern

Habitat Wildlife Trust (Porini/Gamewatchers)
Nairobi, Kenya (With travel to wildlife conservancies)
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About Porini:

We own and operate the award-winning Porini Safari Camps in Kenya.
These environmentally-friendly Eco-Camps have been established in exclusive Wildlife Conservancies and are carefully managed to ensure that local communities, the environment and visitors benefit from our Conservancy concept.

Our aim is to work closely with communities living alongside national parks and wildlife reserves to help them derive benefits from conserving wildlife species and the indigenous habitat. They do this by earning an income from eco-tourism through setting aside areas of their land as wildlife conservancies and thereby creating wildlife dispersal areas outside the parks, increasing wildlife numbers and species variety, habitat and bio-diversity.

In our view, the key to conserving Kenya’s spectacular flora and fauna outside the parks is to engage the local communities and to provide tangible benefits from eco-tourism that exceed the returns that they are able to generate from any other form of land utilization such as farming. We have succeeded in making wildlife pay its way in the areas where we operate and we take every opportunity to share our experience with others interested in setting up conservancies.

The Role:

In order to ensure that rents are paid to the landowners and that the conservancies are properly managed, we need to set up a Conservation Trust. We need to access organizations who would provide grants for conservation leases and protecting key species such as lions and elephants.

The trust would be used to subsidize the payments of rent by the Tourism Partners during years when tourism is in a slump and to contribute to the management costs. The Tourism Partners would switch to making a payment to the Trust based on a fee per bednight instead of paying the rents per acre which would now be paid by the Trust. In good years the fees per bednight would exceed the rents and management costs so the surplus could be carried forward. As a variable cost, the Tourism Partners would be able to pay the fee per bednight as it would be built into their price structure. The trust could also assist in leasing additional land outside the current conservancies in order to provide grazing pastureland and corridors for wildlife.

By switching to a variable cost per bednight, the Tourism Partners would be better able to pay the lease costs and the Trust would ensure stability by guaranteeing that lease payments would be made. It would also mean that in good years a surplus would be carried forward to build up to cover future downturns.

The intern would be responsible for primarily helping to identify and research large grant giving organizations. The intern would also write and submit these grants. We hope to also use the intern in other functions such as marketing, social media, and potential crowdfunding campaigns.

Key Responsibilities:

This will be a full time internship for between 3-6 months depending on the applicant. We’re looking for the intern to start as soon as possible.

High Priority

•       Researching and identifying large grant giving organizations
•       Communicating with grant organizations
•       Writing and submitting grant applications
•       Sourcing investment from impact oriented organizations

Medium Priority

•       Assisting to ensure that website and written material appropriately reflect the pioneering conservation model of Porini
•       Leading and organizing crowdfunding campaigns for key projects of Porini


•       A passion and commitment to conservation
•       Highly capable and motivated with the ability to self-manage and set goals
•       Strong writing skills
•       Willingness to be flexible and play a variety of different roles
•       University graduate or current university student

Benefits and Compensation:

•       Travel and accommodations to award winning Porini camps across Kenya for a minimum of 8 nights
•       Ability to work directly with key organizational leaders including owners and founders
•       Willing to work with school to provide academic credit
•       Ability to work and live in leading emerging market with internationally renowned conservation tourism company

Additional Information (how to apply):

Please send resume and cover letter to We will accept applicants on a rolling basis until the position is filled. We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Please see link below for more about our mission and model, community outreach projects, and awards and articles.

Informative video:
Community Outreach Projects:
Awards and accolades:
Our responsible tourism model: