Assistant Director of Impact Measurement & Evaluation

University of Utah, Sorenson Impact Center
Salt Lake City, UT
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Sorenson Impact Center

At the Sorenson Impact Center, they envision a thriving world where all people are valued, communities prosper, and the measured impact of actions guides decision making. Housed at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business, they advance global impact through innovation in impact investing and finance, public policy and spending, and corporate and social sector behavior. They utilize world-class data science and impact storytelling as key tools in this global effort. As part of its mission to train future impact leaders, the Center integrates academic programming and experiential learning into each of its practice areas including in the operations of their own impact investing practice and fund, and in the management of an outside fund. In addition, the Center hosts one of the largest and most recognized convenings and collaboration opportunities in the impact space, the annual Sorenson Winter Innovation Summit.

The Sorenson Impact Center strongly encourages diverse applicants including those who self-identify as Black, Native or Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, living with disabilities, neurodivergent, speak English as a second language and others from overlooked/underestimated communities.

Who Sorenson Impact Center Is:

Their vision: They envision a thriving world where all people are valued, communities prosper, and the measured impact of their actions guides their decision making.
Their mission: They change the world by helping others integrate measurable impact into decision making and by training future social impact leaders.
Their strategy: They help integrate data-driven impact into decisions of (1) capital allocation, (2) public policy & spending, and (3) corporate & social sector behavior. They catalyze impact by innovating, collaborating, educating, advocating, demonstrating, and inspiring change.

Position Overview

The Assistant Director would have the opportunity to join a growing team in the Data, Policy, and Performance Innovation (DPPI) division. The DPPI team consults public, private, and social sector entities to develop impact strategy and measurement and evaluation frameworks to change corporate and social sector behavior. They anticipate that Measurement & Evaluation work will play an increasingly central role in their work going forward. Measurement & Evaluation professionals play an important role in their client work, including project management, capacity building and performance. The ideal candidate will also oversee, plan and implement measurement and evaluation program(s) as a part of their client work , ensuring goals and objectives are in accordance with established criteria. They will also be responsible for managing and supporting research, content generation, data support, and stakeholder engagement. The expected day-to-day activities include; strategic planning, monitoring and evaluating, analysis and reporting.


Requires a Bachelor’s degree in a related area of assignment or equivalency and 6 years of progressively more responsible management experience. Background knowledge of assigned department’s area of specialization in order to analyze, plan and draw conclusions for recommendations to superiors. Demonstrated leadership skills in planning and directing employees and processes in order to effectively monitor and develop subordinates and to ensure the smooth operation of department. Completion of provided supervisory training within one year of employment may be required. Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.


Provide expertise in M&E planning and methodology including the design and implementation of measurement and evaluation projects
Conduct research, measurement, and evaluation to determine performance and impact indicators and targets to ensure clear measurement models
Monitor and refine research and evaluation goals and implementation strategies
Establish mechanisms for rapid feedback and learning within projects as well as for evolving a longer-term research projects/agenda(s)
Create and revise tools and data collection procedures (e.g. logical framework, project performance tracking, indicators, data flow chart, manuals)
Keep abreast of developments in project changes and progress in order to advise and recommend tools and strategies to increase performances and results
Contribute to the design of new strategies, portfolio development, innovative data initiatives with focus on coherent, integrated theories of change, measurable impact models, scaling, collaborations and implementation plans to ensure long-term sustainability and impact.
Collect, analyze, and summarize external research, identifying relevance and applicability to projects
Consult with partners to maximize impact of projects and ensure optimal learning, including; site visits, convening meetings of key stakeholders, shaping reports on key findings and coordinating on dissemination plans.
Promote effective knowledge management activities, including translation of research knowledge to practice environments, and other activities to promote utility of research-generated knowledge in field settings.
Review and draft RFP’s & grant proposals
Provide clear, concise, and insightful written analyses, literature reviews and recommendations
This role is responsible for high quality interactions and clear and consistent communications with business partners.


Master’s degree in Business Administration or related area
Demonstrated ability to work independently, analyze and make decisions related to program content.
Strong coordination and organizational skills required to prioritize conflicting deadlines.
Demonstrated human relations, critical thinking, analytical, writing and effective communication skills.
Ability to collaborate and function effectively on a highly motivated, innovative, and entrepreneurial team