Assoc. Director, Education and Action Research

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University
Deadline for Applications
Where to Apply
Please submit application to: date for the position is Sept. 15, 2015.


 1.      Lead action research projects with social entrepreneurs (55%)

a.     Develop partnerships with consulting firms to analyze and foster best practices in social impact evaluation in the social enterprise movement (to be done with the Director of External Relations).

b.     Conduct research with a select group of GSBI social enterprises to enhance their impact evaluation through action research projects.

c.     Mentor action research projects of Global Social Benefit Fellows.

d.    Document and disseminate findings via white papers, journal articles, conference presentations and in other appropriate media. 

2.  Develop social impact evaluation and measurement curriculum (20%)

a.  Enhance GSBI curriculum in impact evaluation

        i.    Develop a toolkit for stage- and sector-appropriate impact measurement systems for Base of the Pyramid economic environments.

        ii.   Support replication initiatives and GSBI Network partners.

        iii.   Support Impact Capital Program with messages about impact evaluation.

b.  Contribute to the curriculum development of Santa Clara University

        i.   Develop and teach an undergraduate course titled “Impact Evaluation for Social Justice.”

       ii.    Coordinate curriculum development (e.g., cases, exercises, and learning activities) to share with other departments and programs. 

3.      Convene a faculty interest group in social impact assessment (15%)

a.   Convene, lead and manage a faculty interest group, articulating action research and curriculum development to support the Center’s engagement with GSBI social enterprise partners.

b.   Share information about research needs of the social enterprise movement with participating faculty to determine a shared research agenda.

c.   Coordinate the award of the Center’s seed funding for research projects.

d.   Work with the Director of External Relations in the Center to raise additional funding for these activities.

e.      Write and submit several specific research proposals, in partnership with the Office of Sponsored Projects, to support research evaluating the capacity of social entrepreneurship to address development goals. 

4.      Document the collective social impact of the Center’s programs (10%)

a.     Design social impact assessment reporting systems and coordinate the aggregate of data from all departments and program participants. 


1.      PhD in a relevant social science discipline.

2.      Five years of practical experience in social impact evaluation and program analysis of development efforts in the Global South (Asia, Africa and/or Latin America). Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the fields of social entrepreneurship, energy poverty, climate resilience, or gender equity.

3.      Experience in both quantitative and qualitative social science research, and experience in participatory action research.

4.      Effective writing skills in a variety of contexts, including white papers, research reports, scholarly journal articles, and similar documents.

5.      Experience in undergraduate instruction is a plus, although that is not a focus of this position.