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About Impact Hub Global 
Everyone has ideas for making the world a better place – Impact Hub is a place to make them happen. In the past 10 years we grew from 1 to 80+ Impact Hubs, adding 15 new locations in the last 12 months alone. Our locally rooted, globally connected network includes an 11,000+ strong community of people committed to taking entrepreneurial action for measurable positive impact on the world’s most pressing issues.
Started in 2005 in London, we have now become a connected network spanning the globe. From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco – we provide access to physical work & event spaces, resources, connections, knowledge, talent and investments to turn ideas into action and move from intent to impact.
The Managing Director Opportunity
Impact Hub is seeking a unique person to join our senior leadership team. This person will have ownership and responsibility for delivering a world class global membership experience, with a primary focus on driving business growth at scale through entrepreneurial action and a solid understanding of digital strategy and technology. She/he will lead Impact Hub’s understanding about how technology and media can build an even stronger global community and re­shape our business.
At Impact Hub, we have created a collaborative ecosystem that inspires, connects and enables people across the world to sustainably impact society. Now, we need to turn on the interactive media platform that deepens the flow of ideas, knowledge, capital and impact that connects each of our Impact Hubs globally. This presents an opportunity to lead a team that will create a high impact online solution, enhanced by virtual & physical services, that attracts and engages hundreds of thousands of users.
This new position will work closely with two other Managing Directors to determine and execute the strategy for the organization over the next 3­5 years, and beyond. The role will join an existing team providing passionate service to the world’s largest network for social impact and build its global membership experience arm.
In addition, the candidate will have experience operating within progressive governance, holacracy, and emergent leadership and “management” systems.
Role Overview
Direct Accountabilities
Focus: Directly oversee the build­out of an enhanced membership value proposition to our members, driving this business line to reach 100,000+ members by 2020.
  • Membership Business Unit Lead: a​ssess membership needs in line with Impact Hub’s next level strategy (Impact Hub 3.0) and design appropriate business offerings, sales strategies, pricing models and market strategies to attract and engage a large membership pool across the globe in partnership with local Impact Hubs and internal/external talent and partners.
  • Membership Experience Lead: d​esign and execute a powerful membership experience that delivers on the promise of a locally rooted, globally connected community fueled by an ongoing flow of talent, innovation, ideas and capital (initial pilot in progress).
  • Marketing and Digital Media Steward: ​oversee the development and execution of an effective membership­ focused strategy that integrates media, technology and marketing in as well as external market trends and opportunities.
  • Technology Development Steward: ​oversee the development and execution of an effective technology strategy to connect our global hubs and members and create large­scale business line growth.

Shared Accountabilities (with existing Managing Directors)

  • Team Management: ​manage the team and ensure the recruitment and retention of the required numbers and types of well motivated, trained and developed staff.
  • Organizational Strategic Planning: p​repare an organisational plan, annual business plan and budget, and effective strategy for delivering the services and brand of the company and network; monitor progress to ensure attainment of objectives as efficiently as possible.
  • Collaboration with the Impact Hub Association Board: work with the Board to maintain ongoing awareness of developments within the industry and to develop and direct the implementation of policies and procedures to meet the company’s mission and objectives and to comply with all relevant statutory and other regulations.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: ​establish and maintain trust with major stakeholders, including customers, relevant public departments and agencies, and key decision makers.
  • R&D Programs: ​develop and maintain research and development programmes to ensure that the company and the network remain at the forefront in the industry, applies the most cost effective methods and approaches, provides leading edge products and services and retains its competitive edge.
  • Company Representation: r​epresent the company in negotiations with customers, suppliers, government departments and other key contacts to secure favourable contract terms.
  • Quality Management: ​develop and maintain quality management systems throughout the Company to ensure that the best possible products and services are provided.
  • Organizational Reporting: ​engage with the preparation of the annual report and accounts of the company and ensure their approval by the Board.

Candidate Profile

Please note the below profile is our ideal candidate. We understand each individual is unique and will have a mix of experiences and skills from amongst the list provided, which will further focus the role. 
  • 7, ideally 10+ years’ experience operating at a senior level.
  • A proven record of success at building a new business line/large programme or a startup and bringing it to a successful scaling phase (ideally within the tech, virtual community building areas and preferably with a social focus).
  • Real business acumen, practical experience and an ability to learn and drive entrepreneurial action.
  • Ability to innovate, challenge the status quo, rally various stakeholders in supporting change efforts and overseeing effective execution.
  • A proven record in managing technical teams, engineers and third­party vendors in the development and deployment of quickly adopted technology.
  • An understanding of financial management and management principles and techniques, previous record of success in managing budgets of 15 mil EUR.
  • Experience working in different global cities and business cultures, with a sophisticated, curious, and fun approach to collaboration across time zones, languages, and economic paradigms (consider that we have Impact Hubs in Athens, San Francisco, Singapore, Caracas, Moscow and Dubai, among many other locations outside of the OECD).
  • Fluidity with post hierarchical working environments, where gender and ethnic diversity are a baseline, mindfulness is an expectation, and co­creation is a way of life. Impact Hub Company has been operating under the principles of Holocracy for the past years, and is now deepening the practice to include the Impact Hub Association Board as well as the network of cofounders, investors and senior staff at Impact Hubs around the world; a group of people we call Makers.
  • Knowledge and experience of the social economy sector and a high level understanding of sector trends, approaches, threats and opportunities.
  • A motivational leadership style that appropriately balances servant leadership and direct agency in line with Impact Hub network values of trust, collaboration and courage.
  • (Preferred) ​Graduate level education, preferably with a higher degree in a management discipline or a professional qualification.

Job Specification

  • Role: fulltime; 25 days of holidays + public holidays as per country of residence; Impact Hub membership provided.
  • Location: Impact Hub countries, with a preference for technology & media innovation hotspots (including but not limited to New York and US East Coast, London, Berlin, Nairobi, Recife/Sao Paulo). Relocation arrangements possible.
  • Remuneration: base salary commensurate with experience; further local living cost adjustment depending on location; variable pay and additional allowances to be discussed and agreed within the application process.
  • Contract (employment): permanent contract with yearly performance appraisal and 3 years reappointment, 6 months trial period; 3 months notice period.
  • Reporting to: Impact Hub Association Board of Directors.
  • Further information pack available upon application and request.

Application Process

We have retained Schaffer&Combs​, a certified B Corporation, to support this high priority search. Please submit your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to
Please include your name and the title for this position and organization (“Your name – Managing Director”) in the subject line of your email. Please do not contact Impact Hub directly; all inquiries should be directed to Schaffer&Combs. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.