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Endeavor Insight, Endeavor’s research arm, studies high-impact entrepreneurs and their contribution to job creation and economic growth. Its research educates policy makers and practitioners on how to accelerate entrepreneurs’ success and support the development of strong entrepreneurship ecosystems. In 2013, Endeavor Insight joined with the Kauffman Foundation and the World Bank to co-found the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN). Insight seeks to drive Endeavor’s growth by:

-Creating original research to demonstrate high-impact entrepreneurship’s potential to drive job creation and economic growth;

-Analyzing entrepreneurship ecosystems and identifying their common characteristics;

-Influencing the public policy discourse to improve conditions for high-impact entrepreneurs.

-As a founding partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN), Endeavor Insight joins the Kauffman Foundation and the World Bank in creating world-class research demonstrating the power of high-impact entrepreneurship. The Endeavor Insight team includes former consultants from firms such as Bain and economics researchers with experience in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Insight actively collaborates with the rest of the Endeavor team, which includes individuals with for-profit experience at UBS and Bloomberg, and non-profit experience with Innovations for Poverty Action, Ashoka, TechnoServe, and the Acumen Fund.

The Endeavor Insight team is currently seeking an associate to join its growing team. The associate will lead key research, strategy, and consulting projects at Endeavor’s Global headquarters in New York, and will play an active role in shaping Insight’s research agenda. As part of these research projects, the Associate will engage in primary research with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurship support organizations in cities and countries worldwide. Through extensive interviews, analysis, writing, and presentations, the Insight team helps to formulate and create content that support Endeavor’s broader theory of change. Examples of past projects conducted by Endeavor Insight:

-Mapping connections among thousands of entrepreneurs in New York City, Amman, Istanbul, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires, studies which have received media attention in top newspapers worldwide;

-Diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurial ecosystems and leading roundtable discussions with entrepreneurship stakeholders in Detroit and Miami;

-Evaluating more than 1000 entrepreneurship support programs worldwide and identifying best practices for global entrepreneurship policymakers; and

-Conducting interviews with Endeavor’s Entrepreneurs who have a direct social impact (e.g., extending financial services to “bottom of the pyramid” clients) to understand the key drivers of growth and expansion for firms in the social enterprise sector.