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Future Laboratories is a startup Research and Development lab for social change.

What excites us most is how we do that—our core technology and, in our view, the most inspiring invention even in the digital age: you. People. And not just individuals, but brilliant teams made up of pragmatic idealists across every imaginable discipline who aren’t afraid to envision a new future and bring it to life.

Leveraging the power of collective genius, Future Laboratories identifies the world’s biggest problems, conducting original diagnostic work on society; turns those problems into massive opportunities in the form of products, policies, campaigns, concepts, or brand-new categories; and then builds solutions until they are scaled. Already, we are working on projects across the realms of the future of human potential, the future of America, the future of capitalism, and the future of social change itself. As more inspiring visionaries join our team, each exploration and project takes on new life, since people—above all—are the fuel for our problem-solving engine.

Our mission is to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, and while we will celebrate progress along the way, nothing less will suffice over the long run. Our society has been settling for “good enough” for too long. But more than that—given advances in technology, more human willpower than ever before, and momentum around thinking anew about how to truly change the world—radical improvement is more possible than ever before.


The role of the Insights team is to apply rigorous scientific methods and statistical analyses to better understand the causes and correlates of problems in society. This group translates robust social science findings and discoveries into clues that can inspire powerful, widespread impact on emerging problems. The Insights team works toward these goals by way of both primary and secondary research initiatives.


As an Associate Analyst, you will be primarily responsible for the synthesis and analysis of existing research in order to frame complex social problems and identify possible avenues for interventions. Critically, you are also responsible for translating scientifically communicated findings into formats accessible to internal project teams and the wider public. Finally, as a member of an early-stage organization, you will be expected to assist in team operations and project coordination efforts.

As an Associate Analyst, you will be accountable for…

1. Generating comprehensive internal research reports that synthesize results of literature reviews.
2. Running basic statistical analyses, generating graphics, and communicating findings to a broader audience.
3. Collaborating with the Invention team to collectively identify areas of opportunity and ensure proper translation of research.
4. Working with the Insights Lead and Associate Researchers to support and translate primary research conducted by the Lab.
5. Supporting the Insights Director with a variety of departmental operations and logistics tasks, including scheduling, communications and outreach, as well as Insights team partnerships, budget, and hiring.
6. Ensuring the overall functioning of the Insights team by completing any administrative and logistical tasks necessary.

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