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Y Analytics
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Please send your resume and response to Write in the subject line: “Last Name, First Name – ESG Associate Application”.
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The Associate will lead Y Analytics’ ESG assessments, data analysis and content development for the Asia region. Primary responsibilities include:

Leading ESG-related diligence of potential investments and portfolio companies, within TPG’s Asia investment platforms. ESG performance assessments are integral to TPG’s investment and portfolio management processes. This work requires a combination of desk research and data analysis to assess the risk, performance, and impact of a company through an environmental, social and governance lens. An inquisitive mindset, self-direction, and pragmatic client service orientation are assets given the rigor and turnaround times of private equity deal flow.

Analyzing ESG/impact, operational, and financial data to baseline, benchmark, and enhance performance of TPG’s Asia portfolio. The Associate will be key to generating insights on portfolio companies’ ESG performance, along with risks/mitigations and value creation opportunities. Example responsibilities will include survey analysis, leveraging ESG data from third party platforms, developing and implementing replicable benchmarking methodologies and visualizations, and synthesizing and communicating results and priorities to portfolio companies and internal stakeholders.

Facilitate strong ESG ecosystem in Asia. As Y Analytics’ lead resource in Asia, the Associate will work with key stakeholders in TPG’s Asia offices to lead the development of a rigorous ESG network. Effective communication and relationship management skills will be important tools to grow the ESG ecosystem. This work requires an ability to work independently and anticipate opportunities for growth.

Other research and content development as needed. The Associate will play a cross-functional role and will help support the team as we continue to grow. Additional responsibilities may include: developing thought leadership or other external-facing content around areas of firm expertise; developing educational content for investment professionals and company boards, conducting deep dives and analysis related to a particular sector or research theme.


Required Qualifications

Undergraduate degree required, advanced degree preferred. Minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience. Ideal candidate will have at least 1 year of experience in ESG/sustainability related consulting, research and analytics, or similar professional services.

Commitment to Y Analytics’ mission to improve the future of humanity and their planet through effective capital allocation for the greater good

Familiarity with common ESG frameworks, standards, KPIs, and trends

Demonstrated ownership and self-direction: must be able to drive work forward independently, self-guide research and manage projects, and deliver top quality, highly polished outputs

Exceptional written and verbal communication: must be able to synthesize findings from research and data analysis in presentations and written documents, and communicate these to internal and external senior executives

Strong strategic thinker and problem solver: must be able to navigate challenges (e.g., data gaps) with creative problem-solving ability and a can-do attitude

Strong quantitative analytics capabilities: must be able to quickly and accurately analyze company and third-party data and generate practical insights

Highly collaborative: must be a strong team player who is effective in a teamwork-heavy, cross- functional environment.

Fluency in English

Preferred Qualifications

Authorization to work in Singapore strongly preferred. Please indicate upon application if you would require sponsorship.

Experience working in Asia strongly preferred.

Additional Information

Application Prompt (please limit your response to a single page or less):

Imagine you are assessing the ESG (environmental, social & governance) performance for a pharmaceutical company. Please describe:

how you would conduct an initial market scan to “get smart” on the pharmaceutical space;

how you would determine what ESG-related factors are relevant to the company and industry; and

how you would assess the company’s current risk exposure and performance against these ESG factors, including what sources and data you would use.


Y Analytics is TPG’s innovative capability, purpose-built to understand and improve the environmental and social impacts of deployed capital. Our mission is to increase the amount and effectiveness of capital allocation for the greater good, as described in the UN SDGs, by increasing trust in the social and environmental impact achieved by that capital.

Y Analytics was launched in parallel to The Rise Fund and founded in partnership with TPG/Rise to provide best-in-class insights and tools that improve capital allocation decisions. Our rigorous approach to impact assessment and management draws on evidentiary academic and economic research, enabling greater use of evidence in capital allocation decision making and impact valuation.

Y Analytics is responsible for managing sustainability/ESG across TPG. We support TPG and its portfolio companies by assessing and advising on value creation through Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) performance. This role will be directly engaging with TPG platforms and portfolio companies across the investment lifecycle: beginning with diligence, to onboarding and agenda-setting, during holding, and upon exit.

As we continue to grow, we are leveraging our capabilities in new and innovative ways and sharing our learnings with the broader investment and research communities.