Bookkeeper / Office Manager

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Role: Bookkeeper / Office Manager
Term: Minimum 60% of time up to full-time
Type: Early- to mid-career
Location: San Francisco, CA
Compensation: Commensurate with experience
Application deadline: April 24, 2016 (applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis)

About Tideline:
Tideline is a consulting firm that provides tailored advice to clients developing impact investment strategies, products, and solutions. Our mission is to help clients excel in realizing financial and societal value. We believe in shared, sustainable prosperity powered by market-based solutions. To that end, we offer strategic advice, market research and intelligence, investment program and product design, philanthropic and grant-making strategies, thought leadership and custom research, impact measurement and evaluation, and change management and capacity building. Tideline was founded in 2014 with offices in New York City and San Francisco and currently has a growing team led by the firm’s partners: Christina Leijonhufvud, Ben Thornley, and Kim Wright-Violich.

About the position:
The position is an opportunity to join a small, growing firm in an exciting emerging industry doing meaningful work by managing the firm’s bookkeeping, along with some office management. The bookkeeping role will be fairly expansive. Responsibilities will entail managing various aspects of the firm’s financials and accounting, including the budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, receivables, reporting, and tax preparation for the accounting firm, payroll preparation for the payroll provider, preparing regular financial reports, and leading the development of and production of the financial dashboard, among other related tasks.

In addition, as office manager, the primary responsibilities will be to ensure the offices run smoothly, including issues related to administrative and operational processes, supplies, maintenance and repairs, technology, etc.

For full-time candidates with the appropriate experience and temperament the role may include development of an employee manual and HR recordkeeping. If the candidate has sophisticated financial modeling skills, the role will not only include financial modeling for the firm, but could include financial modeling for client projects. However, the HR support and financial modeling activities are ancillary to the primary responsibility of bookkeeping and secondary responsibility of office management.

Core responsibilities include:
•       Perform all bookkeeping for the firm
•       Support partners in annual budgeting and financial forecasting process
•       Execute client billing and invoicing
•       Manage accounts receivables and payables
•       Manage reimbursement of expenses
•       Maintain and monitor cash flow
•       Close the books monthly and annually in a timely fashion
•       Produce monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports
•       Ensure compliance with tax requirements and reporting
•       Support development and execution of administrative processes / systems
•       Oversee the efficient functioning of the offices
•       Support addressing any technology-related needs

The ideal candidate has a high level of attention to detail and accuracy, strong experience and knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting, and proficiency with related software tools. Candidates also must have a demonstrable track record of integrity and for protecting privacy and confidential financial, banking, and payroll information. The most successful candidates will be those interested in being part of a start-up and all the flexibility, risks, and urgency that entails, and those who would gain satisfaction from having a supporting role in an organization committed to helping clients achieve positive social and environmental change. Every member of the team embodies our firm’s values: excellence, commitment, and openness. The team is fun, too, and often feels like an extended family for each of its members. The role would work with the Partners of the firm and report directly to one of the Partners.

Desired qualifications and experience level include:
•       Minimum bachelor’s degree in a field related to accounting or finance, and/or a bookkeeping certification or license (e.g. CPB)
•       Minimum four years experience in bookkeeping
•       Exceptional attention to detail and a sense of satisfaction from perfect reconciliation
•       Interest in utilizing financial analysis skills
•       Proficient with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, with particularly outstanding skills with Excel
•       A familiarity with current technology that could be utilized to improve efficiencies in invoicing, reimbursement tracking, and other related financial activities
•       Financial modeling experience is preferred but not required
•       Demonstrated ability to exercise initiative, sound judgment, and discretion

Application instructions
Please apply through the link below, and feel free to send any questions to