Business Development and Corporate Engagement Consultant

Business Call to Action at UNDP
Istanbul, Turkey
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The Business Development and Corporate Engagement Consultant will deliver the following services to the BCtA Secretariat under the supervision of the Programme Manager of the Business Call to Action:

1. Corporate engagement and outreach partnerships

Carry out market and industry research to identify private sector entities with innovative and quality IB models and build an effective pipeline for engagement and membership.
Conduct targeted, pro-active outreach to private sector companies and partners to strengthen BCtA’s global visibility and expand BCtA membership base.
Support targeted companies in the BCtA application process by identifying eligible initiatives, assisting with the application submission, and managing the application review process.
Identify and design strategy for renewal of commitments and continued member engagement from existing members.
Develop marketing pitches for tailored audiences including business target groups (MNCs, LNCs and social enterprises) based on the BCtA’s value proposition.
Organize and participate in relevant global and regional events to increase membership base, build partnerships and deploy BCtA’s service offerings and tools.

2. Due diligence, risk assessment and risk management

Conduct due diligence and risk assessment of private sector entities for potential engagement, pipeline build-up and membership in accordance with the UNDP and donor guidelines and policies.
Develop risk management and mitigation strategies for the new member portfolio and create a database of risk assessment profiles.
Conduct assessment of new member applications against the BCtA’s eligibility criteria, membership standards and commitment to the best business and ESG practices as they relate to the IB commitments.
Deliver guidance to the member companies on membership standards and best ESG and management practices.

3. Business development, capacity building and knowledge sharing

Work with the BCtA Secretariat on the development, customization and deployment of the BCtA tools, products and services.
Design training and communications materials for business development and capacity building activities.
Conduct business development and capacity building activities on IB and SDGs-related topics and ESG and business management practices, including in collaboration with global and regional partners.
Extract and analyze best practices, portfolio analysis, industry trends, innovations and lessons learnt through business development and capacity building activities to contribute to the creation, sharing and dissemination of BCtA flagship knowledge products.