Business Development Manager

Job Type
Full-time contract
Deadline for Applications
How to Apply
Send your resume with references
Where to Apply

– Bachelor’s degree in business, entrepreneurship, industrial engineering, marketing, or related fields, with a master’s degree in international business, operations or finances.
– At least 10 years of professional experience in strategic/business areas in a wide range of industries. Deep knowledge of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Europe and/or Central America markets, distribution channels B2B and B2C, operation expansions, resource optimizations, and the capacity to build strategic alliances.
– Experienced building disrupting business models, market analysis, product/service development, processes systematization, and supply chains.
– Extensive knowledge in finance, business operations, marketing, sales channels and P&L.

– Develop ad-hoc business strategies focused on increasing entrepreneurs’ impact by consolidating markets and leading operations expansion, as well as connecting advanced businesses with new markets, experts and financing opportunities.

– Design financial, commercial and operational methodologies to strengthen entrepreneurial business models assuring its sustainability in the long-term and to consolidate markets.

– Design unit’s strategic planning aligned with the institutional both vision and culture, as well as manage the assigned resources.

– Promote a team-work culture within your own teams and among other areas in Alterna and entrepreneurs, through situational leadership and results’ management.