Business & Gender Research Coordinator

Business & Gender Research Coordinator
Global (primarily Africa, Asia, Latin America)
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What does a Gender & Business Research Coordinator do at Value for Women?

The Gender & Business Research Coordinator works as part of a client-facing consultant team on multiple projects across the globe. They will lead the design, coordination and implementation of research and data analysis activities across multiple VFW projects focused on gender and social inclusion in the context of business, SME practice, impact investment and finance. This includes the design of research frameworks and tools, the implementation of data collection activities (desk research and fieldwork using multiple qualitative and quantitative methods), quantitative and qualitative data analysis and report writing. Success in this role is the ability to be results-driven, client-focused, working efficiently on multiple projects at once, and across multiple teams. The successful applicant will have a positive, problem-solver attitude, and work well on their own as well as part of a team.

Where does this role fit into the organization?

The Gender & Business Research Coordinator reports to a Portfolio Lead and/or a Project Manager- who generally oversees a group of Advisors, Experts, Specialists and Research Coordinators on a portfolio or group of diverse initiatives. There are no others reporting to this role at this time.

How much does this role pay?

VFW hires self-employed individuals exclusively, and remuneration is based on a daily rate, to be determined based on factors such as 1) Previous experience 2) Location and global market rates. VFW strives to pay competitive rates that account for the cost of living, which differs across countries and regions.

More about the Gender & Business Research Coordinator responsibilities

The Research Coordinator supports the work of the organization and their partners to:
-Understand and tackle barriers women face in business and entrepreneurship
-Reach more women and women-led businesses with financial and non-financial products or services
-Implement and participate in the design of gender lens investment strategies, plans and approaches
-Mainstream gender across business strategy, decision-making, operations and value chains
-Identify ways to achieve greater women’s participation within employment, among SME staff and leadership

The Research Coordinator leads the design and implementation of research and evaluation activities across multiple VFW projects focused on analyzing gender and social inclusion in the context of business, SME practice, impact investment and finance. This includes the design of research frameworks and tools, the implementation of data collection activities (desk research and fieldwork using multiple qualitative and quantitative methods), quantitative and qualitative data analysis and report writing. This includes:

Design of research frameworks and tools
-Definition of universe, sample size and targets, including sample creation (i.e., randomized representative samples)
-Identification of appropriate research methods and creation of study plans and methodologies incorporating and articulating these methods
-Work plan development for research activities in conjunction with teams and clients/partners
-Design of primary and secondary research and data collection tools (including backend and formatting of tools such as surveys)
-Development of internal review processes prior to test/roll-out
-Support for the development of materials and training for guidance to researchers/ data collectors
-Coordination and implementation of data collection activities using multiple and diverse qualitative and quantitative methods
-Desk-based literature reviews, data collection, inputting and analysis
Potential fieldwork in India, SE Asia, Africa and /or other regions when global travel situation permits
-Oversight of actual research: surveys, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, etc

Data aggregation, analysis and interpretation
-Quantitative analysis, including descriptive statistics (i.e., means, distributions), as well as in some cases, means tests, correlations, regressions
-Use of data analysis software such as Excel, Stata, or SPSS – ability to carry out analysis, oversee others in analysis, and report on results to non-experts and those less versed in data science
-Report writing, editing, reviewing documents and providing feedback as well as supporting the production of communication materials (blogs, case studies, infographics) that pull the key insights and findings from any analysis carried out
-Monitoring, learning and evaluation (internal and on projects for partner organizations)
-Creation and use of frameworks, indicators, and mixed-method evaluations to guide program improvements and communicate impact.

Data management activities across multiple initiatives.
-Design and maintenance of databases of information, including fixing coding errors and other data-related problems
-Ensuring back up of data and database integrity
-Processing and cleaning of data
-Ensuring alignment on GDPR requirements; and processes and systems to protect the confidentiality of participants in all data collection, analysis, processing and sharing activities
-Running statistical analysis as per research lead guidance and their own expert knowledge
-Running/supporting qualitative analysis on research projects through research software
-Developing reports for partners (SMEs, investors) using database information
-Research, scoping/scraping of web information
-Light training/support activities
-Create guides or other appropriate documentation that allows teams and other stakeholders to understand the steps of the data analysis process and replicate the analysis

The Research Coordinator will participate in project coordination and collaborate with teams internally and externally for project planning and systems management, presentations of project results as needed.

Key deliverables will be defined in project work plans, based on the roles described above and in tandem with project leads.

What are the requirements for this role?
The ideal person is a research enthusiast based in Asia, Africa or Latin America and an expert problem solver who is quick to adapt to changing realities. They are a solid communicator, an innovative thinker and can communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders. Their team works best with people who interact positively, who are results-based, entrepreneurial and client-centred.

They look for the following background and experience:

-Full proficiency in English, both verbal and written communications skills
-3+ years experience in a role related to economic research, data analytics, or monitoring and evaluation; 2+ years will be considered if you have worked specifically in a field-based research role at an organization similar to Innovations for Poverty Action or the Poverty Action Lab, for example
-Demonstrated experience leading, coordinating and/or driving research efforts; -Demonstrated experience and comfort overseeing primary social science research, including surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups, etc., including direct implementation and/or oversight of enumerators performing primary data collection
-Proven ability to analyse and interpret datasets with hundreds and thousands of observations, analysing results ranging from basic descriptive statistics to correlations, regressions, and means tests; this experience to be demonstrated through coursework and/or work experience
-Applied economics and statistics in a research setting and experience using statistical packages for analysing datasets autonomously (i.e. Stata, Excel, SPSS, etc.), as well as instructing others in its use
-Survey administration and/or oversight, and interest in creating and implementing data quality protocols for data collection, data cleaning, and data analysis
-Strong analytical abilities, to not only execute research but also guide research, formulate research questions and determine analysis priorities and pathways for realizing that analysis
-Experience with secondary desk research, and pulling out key insights as a complement to primary research and to inform reports and publications
-Experience with qualitative data analysis and either knowledge of or willingness to learn and apply qualitative analysis software
-A Masters degree in a related field is preferred but not required. Exceptional candidates with Bachelors/University degree also welcome to apply

They also seek these attributes – these are preferred but not required:
-Hands-on and field experience in international settings; preferably in emerging markets and across regions
-Experience in the entrepreneurship and/or the impact investment sector in emerging countries
-Gender knowledge and skills, practical experience in gender and economic development; or gender coursework
-Ability to stay independently organised and motivated working as part of a remote international team
-Attention to detail and a team player
-Use of project management, Google Suite and office tools

These are their organisational values:
-Principles of trust, equality of opportunities, transparency and collaboration
-Client/service orientation, as they are a consulting organisation that serves clients
-Positive attitude and optimism about the role of small and growing businesses in generating positive social impact
-Alignment with Value for Women’s mission, vision and values
-Working independently while focusing on results AND collaboration
-Learning, adapting, and demonstrating excitement for contributing to the growth of a small and growing business with a social mission

Additional Information

Application process- our internal steps

Step 1: Submit your application by filling out this form:
You will be asked 6 simple questions and to upload your CV and a Cover Letter outlining what interests you about the role. If you encounter any problem when submitting the online form, please email us your CV and cover letter to including “Gender & Business Research Coordinator Role” in the subject line.
Step 2: Shortlist. Our recruiting team reaches out if your profile is a match, and you are shortlisted. Yay!
Step 3: Interview #1. We invite you to participate in a written interview, comprising 3 open-ended questions. You are asked to upload your responses or send them back to us within 2-3 days. You can always ask for more time if you have other existing commitments already scheduled.
Step 4: Interview #2. Candidates then move to the short -shortlist and are asked for a 40-minute video interview. This is a chance for you to ask us questions too.
Step 5: Final Interview! This is the really short- shortlist, and you are a finalist.
While we do our best to make this 5-step process quick, it can take up to 2 months to get to Step 5, depending on how many amazing applicants we receive. We appreciate your interest and patience. You can always reach out to ask about the status of your application at While we do our best to offer feedback to unsuccessful candidates, this is not always possible due to the volume of applications we receive.