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Nairobi, Kenya
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Role Overview
The Capture Management Lead will oversee Sanivation’s Capture Management process, tools and targets. This role will mainly be responsible for managing and coordinating opportunities in a funnel, from opportunity identification to closing the deal across different functional areas. The CM Lead will ensure that all proposals and concepts developed by Sanivation meet the highest quality, with continued improved efficiency, and are strategically positioned to increase our win rate.
1. Proposal Development: identifying and supporting through writing, proofreading and editing, the proposal development process for opportunities across Sanivation’s product offerings
2. Quality Control: supporting standardization and providing quality control during the proposal development process
3. Capture team coordination: Coordinating across functional areas on different opportunities and overseeing the submission and closing of identified opportunities. Tracking capture management targets
4. Supporting business development intelligence: supporting business and market intelligence activities
The CM Lead will be responsible for coordinating proposal development, providing quality checks, supporting business intelligence and tracking relevant metrics across the organization’s product offerings. The CM Lead will work closely with the Business Development Manager and the Business Development wing, as well as selected product managers across the organization.Locations: This role can be based in Naivasha (HQ) or Nairobi, Kenya.Experience Required
• 3+ years experience in proposal development, preferably with water, sanitation and hygiene or a related field
• Bachelors degree in communications/ policy/ business/ related field required. Masters degree a plus.
• Demonstrated skills developing strong, high-quality proposals for the World Bank, USAID, AfDB or other development finance institutions (DFIs)/ bilateral donors, preferred
• Able to build and maintain excellent working relationships with staff at all levels of the organization and external clients from diverse backgrounds.
• Adept at providing guidance to team members to resolve problems and overcome obstacles in a fast-paced setting
• Ability to lead and manage proposal development processes with minimum oversight
• Strong analytical and writing skills
Personal Attributes
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Eager to be part of high-growth company working with local governments and development banks
• Ability to create a performance-driven and professional culture for proposal development and submission
• Ability to coordinate team with diverse interests and backgroundsKey Responsibilities
• Proposal development:
o Writing draft proposals with support from capture managers
o Developing approach frameworks for proposal development
o Refining standard language on product offering
o Strategic development of proposals that are tailored to the client
o Conducting routine trainings on materials and tips for proposal development
• Capture team coordination:
o Working with the Business Development Manager in owning and delivering on the organization’s capture management process.
o Facilitating regular pipeline, opportunity and business planning trainings.
o Tracking key capture management metrics: Overseeing and updating key metrics related to capture management, including, value of proposals submitted, segmenting the different opportunities by products, tracking win rate and providing market intelligence on funder interests on new opportunities which Sanivation can apply for
• Quality control:
o Updating and maintaining organization’s key materials for proposals i.e. to oversee regular updating of materials, including using the latest data and market intelligence for messaging, updating staff CVs, project and reference lists and any supplementary documentation required for a successful proposal
o Ensuring quality and efficiency in the proposal development process
o Conducting quality checks and ensuring standardization of Sanivation’s messaging, value proposition and processes across funnel stages (from identification to closing of an opportunity).
• Supporting business development intelligence
o Supporting business intelligence for upcoming opportunities
o Monitoring key trends and sharing them with Sanivation team
o Supporting the team in screening opportunities and developing concepts and proposals as per funder/DFI requirements.

Additional Information

• Sanivation has been working in East Africa for the past 8 years developing an innovative sanitation model to meet the needs of local governments. The company is currently in 8 cities and has robust product offerings.
• Sanivation’s work has been featured by World Bank, Kenya National Government, IFC, World Economic Forum, among others.
• Sanivation is currently recruiting for a Capture Management Lead to grow their revenue through well-structured and well-written proposals.