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GTECH Strategies exists to cultivate the unrealized potential of people and places to improve the economic, social and environmental health of our communities.
GTECH, a Pittsburgh based non-profit, stands for Growth through Energy & Community Health. Throughout Allegheny County, we mobilize residents, local policy-makers, and like-minded organizations to transform vacant spaces into thriving places everyone can enjoy. By ensuring underutilized land serves the greater good, we improve the social, economic and environmental health of the whole community.
Spun out of research at The Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, we’ve grown to 15 staff and found ways to punch above our weight. We’ve earned international recognition and embraced a role of local leadership at the intersection of community development and environmental health. In our next ten years, we’ll continue this accelerated growth and ensure that the places disproportionately affected by disinvestment are revitalized through an inclusive, innovative, and impactful process.

•       15 staff, 12 board members, 30 Social Capital Council Partners, 100+ community Ambassadors
•       Annual budget: ~$1.4M

We are looking for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who balances vision and pragmatism to guide our next phase of growth. After 10 years of start-up, growth, and evolution, Founder and CEO Andrew Butcher, has initiated a departure transition process to exit the organization by early 2017 in an effort to cultivate new energy and leadership for the next chapter of organizational growth. We’re thankfully in the best position we’ve ever been. We are strong financially, operationally, and programmatically with a highly capable team, an engaged Board, a sound strategic framework, and a clear role of leadership in the community. With multiple years of secured funding the time is right for a transition from founding leadership. The opportunity for reflection as well as a refinement of strategy to ensure continued resonance of GTECH’s current capabilities and activities is reflected in the 2016-2018 strategic plan.
Over the course of the next three years GTECH seeks to help establish Pittsburgh as the most innovative and effective urban area in the country in transitioning under-utilized land into opportunities for community health and resilience.  The time for GTECH to focus and build from strengths, market position, staff capability, financial stability, and overall momentum is now.  Our strategy builds from a proven methodology (investigating critical issues, taking action where possible, connecting people to resources, and sustaining through innovation and collaboration).

1.      Continue a “places and people” focus to enhance community capacity to lead place based improvements
2.      Target underutilized land as the starting point for a community health strategy
3.      Invest in the collaborative infrastructure and process necessary to achieve systems change.

We are looking for an experienced professional who has grown personally throughout their career and grown a nonprofit, company, or organization along the way.
You\’re a leader and builder who guides teams to success. You will first be prepared to listen, to understand, and empathize with our growing and diverse community.  You’ll know how to enlist funders and supporters to get the word out. But most importantly, you will know what it takes to galvanize people around a shared cause.
Our immediate strategy is in place with capability, resources, and relationships to fuel the effort. Your main job will be to ensure we both reach the goals we’ve already set while laying the foundation for sustained leadership and impact in the local environmental and community development fields. Success in the role will mean executing on the existing vision and strategy and proactively adapting programming, partnerships and policies amidst a rapidly evolving political, financial, and social landscape.
This is a unique opportunity for an executive with strong vision, creativity, operational skills, a proven development track record, and an orientation towards relationship management to join a growing, unique, and bold mission-driven organization with a passionate team in a key leadership role.


The outcomes from your work in this role
•       You will magnify our growth to enable the Pittsburgh region to flourish in new ways through increased environmental justice, health and vitality.
•       You will demonstrate that carrying out tangible, incremental, improvements on vacant land can help propel a community development process – while stemming the often overwhelming challenges of urban decay and disinvestment.
•       You will harness the power of the organizational DNA, incorporating  creative solutions from multiple disciplines into a cohesive strategy for impact, energy and social enterprise.
•       Amidst the gravity and significance of our work, you will help steward, guide, and enhance a culture of lightheartedness, fun, celebration and positivity.

The best leaders are lifelong learners
•       You will put your top skills into practice: institutional and individual relationship cultivation, conflict resolution, setting goals, practicing values, and decision making.
•       You will collaborate with an accomplished executive team and staff, spearheading our team development and progress and helping us all learn along the way.
•       You will lead a team of 15-20 talented and dedicated team members  as well as a growing community of active stakeholders at multiple levels.
•       You will apply your skills to rally support and engagement with board members, partners, and funders, and people who have yet to hear of GTECH before today but will want to be a part of our future.

For your work, we offer
•       Competitive compensation and full benefits.
•       An opportunity to define your own role and implement original new ideas. Our open-minded team is expecting (and excited) to collaborate, listen, and implement with you and your creativity and gumption.
•       A healthy, positive, collaborative working environment amidst a community who wants you to succeed and for GTECH to continue to thrive.


•       Understands intimately the language of our impact areas e.g. community development, environmental health & justice, innovative inclusion, social enterprise.
•       Brings awareness of asset based community development and positive deviance to understand GTECH’s Theory of Change to date.
•       Can take our roadmap and help ensure GTECHers are on their way there.
•       Leads through collaboration and communicates cross-functionally to build a strong, aligned organization.
•       Empowers others to deliver measurable, cost-effective, high-impact results — all while stimulating loyalty, inspiration, authenticity, and joy across the organization.
•       Creates space to explore new, unproven ideas, without losing sight of priorities.
•       Focuses on amplifying each individual team member’s unique strengths through engaging management.
•       Keeps our collective focus on the things that matter most to achieve our strategic priorities, recognizing the value of evidence based management.
•       Willingness to get out on the ground and be in the field in support of staff contributing to a functional awareness of what it takes to get things done.

•       Seeks to increase diversity, appreciation, and cultural awareness at all levels of the organization — bridging the challenges of changing neighborhood conditions, environmental injustice, and historical disinvestment.
•       Will work hand-in-hand with the executive team and board to promote our mission, support partner relationships, build our image, and reach financial goals.
•       Sets GTECH up for continued success with a board of diverse supporters, skills, interests, and backgrounds.
•       Energizes and involves volunteers and community members around our collective, shared goals.
•       Ensures our moral and impact compass bearing is followed.

•       Has a track record of Identifying new networks of supporters and partners to expand a funding base, in particular triple-sector or public-private partnerships.
•       Has experience managing financial growth to achieve yearly revenue goals through a diverse fundraising strategy.
•       Understands the key ways to propel our future, and to diversify and build a nonprofit social enterprise strategy.
•       Has familiarity with building brand, strategic positioning, advancing storytelling
•       Embeds our team values in every decision and action and drives accountability.

We’re open to candidates from many different backgrounds. We encourage qualified candidates to express interest and share more about yourself. Competitive candidates will have significant leadership experience across many dimensions and clear non-profit familiarity. For some guidance on your application, please note that success in the role will require
•       Multiple years of significant and growing leadership experience
•       A track record of leading and managing individuals and teams
•       A high level of functional non-profit management knowledge and/or board experience
•       Demonstrated fundraising and organizational development experience
•       Bonus points if you have an advanced degree or advanced studies in our core issue areas

•       10+ Years of Street Cred. You’ve ‘been around the block’ and are seasoned in talent, team development, change management, organizational design, fundraising and knows ways to enable teams to succeed.
•       Humble Leadership. You’re an approachable, active listener who inspires trust and confidence from leaders and individual contributors. You believe in integrity and honest communication first and foremost.
•       Coaching Expertise. You know when and how to lead directly, and when to develop and enable managers to lead effectively. You don’t stand on the fringes, instead you provide mentorship and opportunities for growth and development.
•       Strategic Decision Making. You thrive in a rapid growth environment where you can press forward quickly with big ideas.
•       Optimistic & Resilient Mindset. You know that changing the world is possible. Doing so will often mean trying new things, being willing to fail, and most importantly, being able to respond to obstacles and exceed them.
•       Dedication to the Work. You have a driven curiosity and a hunger to learn and apply knowledge. And you’re in this for the right reasons, dedicating your career to impact.

Additional Information


Please complete the following application soon as we are reviewing on a rolling basis. If you want to learn more, complete the following application to the role of CEO at GTECH Strategies through this link here – Although applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis, priority will be given to those who expressed early interest; therefore, we encourage you to submit yours soon!

Top candidates who demonstrate proper qualifications for the role will be invited to submit supplemental information. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will interview with GTECH’s leadership team and BOD. The final step in the hiring process will be to arrange personal reference calls to confirm details of your work history and performance.

Anticipated Start Date: January 2017.

If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to email us at We look forward to reading your application!