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This is an enviable opportunity to build upon RSF’s strong reputation as a thought leader in social finance and to meaningfully impact social change around the globe. RSF’s mission continues to be a palpable source of energy and motivation for the entire organization, and its next leader will shepherd a culture which cultivates gratitude, builds trust, and encourages radical collaboration. Benefiting from a strong executive team and bolstered by tremendous momentum, the new CEO will provide the vision and leadership necessary to guide the organization into its next phase of growth.
Throughout its 33-year history, RSF has prided itself on devising innovative solutions, and the new CEO will be encouraged to continue in that tradition. Reporting to a supportive Board of Trustees, this individual will be expected to drive the development of new initiatives, as well as creatively scale its successful integrated capital strategy. In short, this is an opportunity to amplify RSF’s distinguished legacy, creating a world in which money serves the highest intentions of the human spirit.

Strategy​ ​&​ ​Governance​ ​(30%)
● Collaborate with the Board of Trustees and executive team in realizing and inspiring RSF’s
long-term vision from the insights of Rudolf Steiner and other kindred thought leaders.
● Develop the strategic plan consistent with the Ends statement* articulated by the Board of
Trustees and consistent with its charter.
● Actively inform the governance structure to ensure clear decision-making roles for board and
● Serve as a member of RSF’s Board of Trustees, and boards of RSF subsidiary organizations as needed. Participate in all board meetings/calls and provide written and verbal updates
regarding organizational operations, finances, and strategy.
● Serve on RSF Board Committees where CEO’s perspective is most useful, as committee
member or ex-officio member of various Board Committees.
● Guide long-term strategy and use of resources.

Client​ ​Engagement​ ​&​ ​Revenue​ ​Generation​ ​(45%)
● Serve as lead representative and spokesperson for RSF.
● Build and promote RSF’s brand, values, and leadership in the field.
● Cultivate and steward client relationships. Inspire and deepen trust among all stakeholders:
investor and donor clients, entrepreneurs in the RSF portfolio and pipeline, partner
organizations, RSF staff and Board, and prospective clients.
● Deepen trust throughout the social finance community in RSF’s ability to effectively serve its
● Work closely with the Board to leverage business development and fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising (“Money In”):
● Ensure the successful and consistent fundraising of investor and donor money into RSF.
● Connect with clients across the spectrum of investment to gift, actively participating in the
raising of mission-aligned investment funds and philanthropic funds to ensure RSF’s financial
● Providing support to, and in partnership with, the Vice President of Client & Community
Engagement, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Finance Officer and
their teams working in an integrated capacity, the CEO leads and participates in achieving the
following outcomes:
○ Funds required in order for RSF to deploy capital out to social enterprises & produce
earned income
○ Funds required to enable RSF to do R&D, innovate in program development, and build
the field

Integrated Capital Deployment (“Money Out”):
● Ensuring that existing networks are being leveraged and build upon RSF’s community to
generate new high-quality opportunities for Integrated Capital deployment to social
● Participate in securing leads, make introductions, and provide RSF access to new sourcing
partners, co-investors, and connect directly with leading social enterprises.
● Providing support to and in partnership with the Chief Investment Officer, CEO will ensure
the successful deployment of different forms of financial capital (loans, investments, grants)
and non-financial capital in innovative ways to social enterprises in service to RSF’s mission.

Organizational​ ​Leadership​ ​&​ ​Fiscal​ ​Oversight​ ​(20%)
● Lead RSF’s ability to recruit, retain, and develop top talent that embody RSF’s values and
execute on delivering financial results and positive impact and transformation including
management and leadership positions.
● Balance innovation/entrepreneurial spirit with operational excellence.
● Through effective management and leadership of the executive team, CEO is responsible for
seeing that the following is accomplished:
○ Ensure financial health and compliance of the organization as managed by Chief
Financial Officer).
○ Support Rudolf Steiner’s holistic philosophy as it relates to the mission of the
organization (managed and articulated by Vice President of Organizational Culture).
○ Commit RSF to legal and binding contractual obligations within the parameters set
forth by the Board under Policy Governance guidelines (supported by Director of Legal
and Compliance).
○ Build and meet annual operating budget goals and objectives (managed by Chief
Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer).
○ Initiate, develop, and implement policies and practices regarding the daily conduct of RSF business (managed by Chief Operating Officer).
● Responsible for the performance, growth, and development of executive team: currently Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Vice President of Organizational Culture, and Vice President of Client & Community Engagement; and directly manage Director of Legal & Compliance.
● Perform additional duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees that are within the scope of
currently assigned responsibilities and related work experience.

RSF​ ​Colleagueship​ ​(5%)
● Participate in all-staff activities such as staff meetings, all staff trainings, monthly study group, and staff retreats.
● Participate in the RSF work community to maintain a healthy and productive work

To transform the way the world works with money. So that:
● the role of finance is defined as service to the highest intentions of the human spirit
● associative economics and interdependence are recognized as essential to a healthy society
● financial transactions are direct, transparent, and personal, based on long-term relationships
RSF will sustain a living connection with the insights of Rudolf Steiner in all its internal and public activity.

RSF has retained Schaffer&Combs, a certified B Corporation, to support this high-priority search. In order to apply, please email with an updated:
● Resume
● Cover letter

Please include your name, the title for this position, and the company name (“Your name – CEO – RSF Social Finance”) in the subject line of your email. Please refrain from contacting RSF Social Finance directly; all inquiries should be directed to Schaffer&Combs. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Additional Information

In a financial sector long characterized by its opacity, anonymity, and emphasis on the short term, RSF Social Finance’s integrated capital approach inspires trust and confidence among investors, entrepreneurs, and the communities they serve. Since its inception in 1984, with its core inspiration coming from the insights of Rudolf Steiner, RSF has earned its place at the top tier of global social finance organizations, having invested over $450 million in a diverse portfolio of social entrepreneurs, ranging from farmland preservationists to refugee services. RSF provides a reliable vehicle to individuals around the world to advance social, economic, and ecological causes, having never failed to pay its investors. By establishing direct, transparent, and personal relationships in the financial sector, RSF scales social change, healing an economy too often damaged by exploitation.