Chief Engineer

Kigali, Nairobi or Kampala
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The Successful Candidate:

Jibu is looking for an experienced professional with demonstrated ability to provide leadership, training and engineering support in a fast-paced, growing business in a developing market.

Successful candidate will:
•       Have strong management experience and communication skills and be capable of effectively training, inspiring, growing and leading a team of engineers and local technicians
•       Have the ability to innovate, design, and build or improve on a variety of new products and systems, including spearheading projects in water, materials, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as well as quality control processes and training systems
•       Be a self-starter who thinks critically and problem-solves quickly
•       Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of water treatment systems, basic chemistry, plastics, solar equipment, and packaging
•        Contribute to the senior leadership team responsible for strategic planning, team development, management of regulatory requirements, and growing a profitable social impact business.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1.      Manage company’s overall hardware and software technology strategy
2.      Manage global tech team: provide on-going training and direction to technicians and franchisees and contribute to the Jibu management support team
3.      Develop new products (such as fortified porridge, 20L tap bottles, or re-usable labels), systems (such as water treatment systems, packaging machines, or remote monitoring systems), and processes (such as quality control and assurance processes in coordination with local regulators).
4.      Lead development of Jibu global tech training programs


•       B.S. Degree in Engineering or equivalent program, with at least two years of engineering design and product development experience.
•       A minimum of two years of experience managing technical teams.
•       Cultural knowledge and experience working in an emerging market context.
•       A team player with a sense of adventure wanting to make a difference.
•       Near perfect English language skills.
•       Software knowledge and skills.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

To apply: Send CV or resume to

Additional Information

Jibu is a social enterprise pioneering a powerful new model that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs in underserved, emerging market communities to own businesses that ensure access to basic human necessities, with water as an anchor product. Jibu has scaled a network of locally owned, financially independent and self-sustaining franchises that provide safe drinking water to their communities while offering life-changing training and employment. Driven by a belief in the power of eye-to-eye partnership to unleash latent entrepreneurial talent, Jibu is transforming the challenge of addressing basic human needs into an expansive opportunity that allows thousands of entrepreneurs to build lasting solutions, one neighborhood at a time. The company’s ultimate vision is to train, finance, and grow a network of co-invested business owners who will revolutionize the way critical resources participate in emerging markets. For additional information, please visit: