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Deadline for Applications
How to Apply
Interested candidates must send their updated resumes and the fellowship application essays to with the subject line “Application for MEC Clean Energy Fellowship Program”.
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Opportunity at the Job
• The MEC Fellowship is a rare opportunity to work in the field at the forefront of clean energy and microfinance.
• As a MEC Fellow you will work on-site with a microfinance institution
• You will leverage MEC’s infrastructure, experience, and global resources to implement a successful clean energy program at the MFI.
• Your goal will be to ensure that the clean energy program reaches key milestones.
• You will help MFIs develop plans for the carbon use of funds to scale the clean energy program.
• You will create a close working partnership with MFI management.
• You will gain hands-on experience in field operations of both microfinance and carbon projects.Responsibilities
1. Training –
o Implement a structured program at the MFI that will take them from start to finish in meeting key milestones for clean energy scale-up.
o Program components will include –
 Market research and pre-feasibility study
 Developing business strategy, marketing plan, and capacity-building training materials
 Developing operating procedures and program improvement plans2. Teamwork –
o Effectively leverage MEC’s existing experience, relationships and working procedures.
o Work as a team with the MFI’s clean energy program manager, to provide frequent updates to the MFI Management and Board on the progress of the clean energy program.
o Work as a team with MEC management to track progress and raise issues early so they may be resolved.
o Work collaboratively with other Fellows to share best practices, product knowledge and successful solutions to problems.3. Problem-solving –
o Proactively identify risks and come up with solutions to implement a clean energy program.
o Communicate any malpractices and breaches of the partnership agreement or program principles and on-field findings to MEC’s HO.4. Carbon Program and Technology –
o Engages with the MIS team to acquire customer data from primary sources and supports them in sharing monthly sales data and clarifications with MEC in a timely manner.
o Train and monitor the use of MEC’s cloud-based carbon technology by the partner MFI.
o Travel to remote and rural locations for monitoring of product usage by clients and support auditors to ensure a smooth verification and reporting of emission reduction.5. Individuals must be self-motivated to discover additional sales channels outside the bank staff (such as community influencers, teachers, large farmers, etc.) and any new carbon-eligible products.

6. Act as the main point of contact between MEC and partner MFIs for business communications and relationship development

 A university bachelor’s degree in any discipline, preferably related to the environment, climate change and development studies.
 Candidates must have 1-2 years of experience in a client-facing role in the development sector, banking or consulting.
 Knowledge of project planning, execution and landing principles of program management.
 Excellent communication abilities with structured thinking, client management and networking skills.
 Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
 Should be a team player, problem-solver and social mission-oriented.
 Willingness to learn and adapt to sub-continent conditions, vernacular, and local customs.
 Candidates with knowledge of any scheduled Indian languages, microfinance and/ or the carbon markets will be given preference in the final selection.

Interested candidates must send their updated resumes and the fellowship application essays to with the subject line “Application for MEC Clean Energy Fellowship Program”.

Fellowship Applications Essays
1. What impact do you wish to create through the MEC Clean Energy Fellowship program? How do you expect this fellowship to benefit your future professional and personal goals?
2. As we review your application, what other information would you like us to consider?

The combined length of both essays should not exceed 1,000 words. We recommend up to 650 words for Essay 1 and not more than 350 words for Essay 2.

Additional Information

The Fellowship program is essentially a break-even proposition. MEC Fellows will receive a living stipend which will enable them to live comfortably but should not expect to build substantial savings. The primary benefit of the fellowship is the opportunity to gain valuable field experience while building a record of concrete accomplishment in the field of microfinance and clean energy. Fellows will be able to see a lasting and scalable social impact of their commitment. Fellows will also build a network of relationships with future leaders at the nexus of microfinance, clean tech and social finance. Fellows will be eligible for consideration for future employment at MEC but this is not guaranteed. Fellows will receive –
 A living stipend of $ 1,500 per month
 Round trip to home country
 Health insurance

About MicroEnergy Credits
MicroEnergy Credits (MEC) is a trusted provider of social impact carbon credits. We seek to empower every community by providing access to affordable, modern clean energy services. Leveraging decades of expertise, MEC provides communities with funding to take control of their clean energy future, while providing net-zero pioneers carbon credits with verifiable impact in their fight against climate change. As a team, we work toward helping communities and micro-entrepreneurs transition to clean energy on their journey out of poverty through consistent wealth creation, health improvement, local jobs, and improved education.
Our Microfinance Institution partners play a crucial role in the adoption of clean energy. MEC helps MFIs launch and scale clean energy lending programs. As a supportive partner, we leverage our prowess in the carbon market to provide resources, training, and expertise to help our MFI partners make a difference. Together we have impacted about 7 million households across Asia and Africa with affordable clean energy solutions.

We are an equal-opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without any discrimination or prejudice.